I had a Halloween themed blog to post today, but moved it to Halloween day. Since I work that day and I will not be posting a decade blog.

I went to the store looking for some cookies and cream fangs been to a bunch of different stores and still never found them. But I did find Mini Brands balls. Why are they ¢.50 more at another Target another city away? Anyway I was going to buy 2, but I thought in case my hours get cut or I get in trouble for yesterday. So only 1 for me today.

20201028_160356 - Copy

I netted 3 items; A1 sauce, Shake ‘n Bake, and a candy shelf.

20201028_160722 - Copy

Thing took me like 15 minutes to build. The stickers were hard to put on. I don’t know if it is subliminal but the shelf colors remind me of Walmart for some reason. It doesn’t stand up very well by itself.

20201028_161606 - Copy

Here it is with some of my toys to show the scale.

20201028_213542 - Copy

When my dad and I went to get our first free taco. He ran into a couple from his church. Who were also there for the free tacos. I didn’t want to say in front of them about going to another Taco Bell later to get another taco. If you think about it you can go to multiple Taco Bells to get the free tacos at different locations. If you really wanted to and lived in an area with a lot of Taco Bells in it you could drive around getting free tacos. We waited a long time because they gave our order to someone else. My dad got really mad about it but I didn’t mind since that always happens at my work. Although that location is usually lacking. Got some Mexican Pizzas since they are going off the menu, but there are plenty of recipes to make them at home the way you like them. No taco pics they came in generic packaging this time.