This is mostly a list of products.

Minnie ‘n Me I love this series. There was so many different things; trading cards, books on tape, coloring books, bandages, valentines, apparel, purses, bedding , colorforms, toys, stationary, school supplies, paper dolls, luggage, party supplies, paint and crayon by number, puzzles, sewing kit, toiletries, super dough and view master set.
Colorvive by L’oreal
Oil of Olay foaming face wash
Serenity pee pads
Sunshine scent dryer sheets Downy
Fixodent Fresh
Lever 2000 soap
Bar Louie opens
Glade Plugins With that catchy jingle ♪Plug it in Plug it in♪
Nickelodeon Studios opens in Orlando, Florida on June 7, 1990