This is not a blog about The Monkees or their song.

I watched this video early today.

I asked my parents if they knew this song. My dad the “music expert” said “no”. Then he suddenly had to go online. But this is coming from somebody who thinks “Modern Love” is not a Bowie song. I think it’s one of his more famous ones. Then later he tells me about mining and Pennsylvania. (I know because I saw it in Todd’s video)

My dad can’t contact his hair dresser. She has a full mail box. Then it’s my fault she doesn’t follow the rules or that you can’t contact her. He was so mad about that I got in trouble for sneezing. You know who doesn’t like sneezing too? VKM. No chance in hell! What is with old people and sneezing?

When I first got to work it was not so bad. The parking lot was not as crowded as it usually is. It got busy around 7PM. When I was washing dishes I had the song “Timothy” stuck in my head.

I had to pound dough with that new quirky girl. I know you are slow when you start out. I start throwing the dough into the pans. She’s not pressing them fast enough. She stops and just starts to stretch. Oil the damn pans! She was so annoying I just helped her for a little while and then left to go do dishes. And we kept needing dishes to be washed.

It was so crazy and hectic there. People had to wait 1-2 hours for their order.

I said she was right and she said I was right. So we were both right?

I decided I need to start working on my 2001 and 1991 blogs. Just grouping and compiling.