10 TV Shows from the Year 2000 Volume 7 — October 25, 2020

10 TV Shows from the Year 2000 Volume 7

The Trouble with Normal A short lived series on ABC.
Dot Comedy (US Version) One of those cancelled after one episode shows.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue The last Power Rangers series produced by Saban. Also had the first American exclusive ranger the Titiaum Ranger.
Clifford the Big Red Dog A fun show still enjoy the reruns.
Hype This was like the WB’s prime time version of MadTV. Two of the cast members joined MadTV after. I forgot about this show until I saw an ad for it in my old WB planner. There was a very funny Creed parody they did that I mistakenly thought was done by MadTV. There is not much about this show online.
Sex Wars
Teacher’s Pet I loved this cartoon too bad ABC was always preempting it. Some of my favorite episodes are “Costume Pity Party” (there is a really funny joke about a disco themed costume in that one), “Taint Valentine’s Day”, and “A Lick is Still a Kiss”.
Pelswick This show was ok I guess…?
Between the Lions By the time this premiered I was 16 and could read. I have a hard time with phonics. They were never really taught to me as a child in school. I did like some of the segments like “Little Wendy Tales”, and “Gawain’s Word”.

Dough Train — October 24, 2020

Dough Train

It was a pretty meh day at work. When I got there it was pretty crowded. I came in with the assistant manager who was freaking out about game one on Tuesday.

I went to take a break I guess there was a fight with sauce. I don’t know I didn’t see it.

I was trying to check the score on my phone, but it was updating slowly. It was stuck on the 9th inning.

Dodgers crapped out again as usual.

Still 10 More Toys from 1990 —

Still 10 More Toys from 1990

Minnie ‘N Me Secret Stamp Club toy I got one of these for my birthday the Daisy figure. There was only one of Daisy in the set. The rest of them were variations of Minnie and a lone Mickey figure. They were really just bendy figures with removable clothes and an articulated head. I loved this toy so much I ended up finding a Minnie one a year later. These figures were in scale with the Playmates Darkwing Duck ones, and also in scale with the McDonald’s Epcot ones from 1994. They were small but looked good with some Barbie accessories. The stamp rings they came with were lost many years ago. They had these plastic lockets that could hold the stamp ring and doubled as a stand.
Rub-A-Dub-Doggie The Tyco version of this toy. That came pastel colors.
Rub-A-Dub-Dolly & Tropical There were 2 versions the plain and tropical version made by Tyco.
Secret Places A very obscure doll line who was a larger doll with a playset that opened to a bigger playset inside it with a smaller doll. They sort of remind me of Wish World Kids who came out a few years before. Read about Secret Places here. https://www.ghostofthedoll.co.uk/secretplaces.php
Water Baby I wanted this doll so badly. After all these years I still have not gotten one. I still remember the jingle for it.
Cupcake dolls Another toy I wanted but never got.
Hush Little Baby doll
Bubblins Combining the appeal of dolls and the fad of bubble locket necklaces.
Tiny Toons Plush I got a Babs for Christmas, but I really wanted the talking version. I was disappointed.
The Rescuers Down Under camera toys and ornaments from McDonald’s I loved those little camera toys. I only have the Wilbur one. I really wanted the Jake camera because it was pink. Makes good doll props. So the ornaments were not really toys but I liked to play with the Bianca one I have.

Not a Lush — October 23, 2020

Not a Lush

Found out I’m working on Halloween, but it doesn’t bother me. The county is closed and there is nothing to do. Might as well make money. I think I would be more upset if I was not scheduled on Halloween. I working the next 2 Mondays so I don’t want a surprise Tuesday shift. On Tuesdays I’m ignoring my phone.

When I get there I see there is a big pizza for 6PM pickup. There was a table with a bunch of uncooked cheese pizzas on them. I was just pressing dough and prepping chicken wings. We were in a frenzy but not as much as we were on Tuesday.

Washing dishes was slow, so when nobody was looking I was checking the score on my phone.

That crazy manger asked if brought beer or liquor with me to work. Why would I do that? I don’t have a problem. I think I’ve had 1-2 drinks all month. I usually don’t have alcohol on my person. Can’t you get arrested for that? For some reason I kept dropping stuff.

I’m surprised the Dodgers won game 3.

My dad got mad because I didn’t get enough hours today. Why? I got some extra ones on Tuesday. He also wants me to constantly complain about the dumb guy. I’m not a whiny bitch like my dad. I just know that guy is gonna be manager in a few months. Because well, I’m lucky like that.

Even More 1990 Movies —
Yes, We have No Wi-Fi — October 21, 2020

Yes, We have No Wi-Fi

I was trying to swap a new phone I bought. I needed tech support. The guy was telling me strange shit like go to my friends house and use their wi-fi because I don’t have my own. I’m done with that phone company. I have to use up the 2 months of prepaid service I already paid for, and I’m going somewhere else. The person was so annoying insisting I do this. When I left them a review I gave them a “0”. They kept pretending to help but didn’t.

Later my dad got mad because I said the Rays were going to win because they were hungry. The Dodgers have a habit in their more recent World Series appearances by staring off strong losing a whole bunch of games then winning a game here or there and just crapping out.

My First Funko — October 20, 2020

My First Funko

I usually forget the things I’m supposed to buy. I was happy I remembered to buy peanuts in the shell. I remember after watching a Chunk video. Does anybody else watch his videos? He is so cute!

I got these 2 blind package toys. My dad kept calling the Littlest Pet Shop one “Pet Shop Boys”

20201020_103533 - Copy

“Mother’s got her hairdo to be done
She says they’re too old for toys”
These aren’t too bad looking they don’t have those beady eyes like Funkos usually do. I guess because they are not pops. I really wanted Gadget or a Darkwing Duck character. I did get a Rescue Ranger. I got a donut cat lol. I find the toys complementary to each other even if Dale would be scared of the cat.

20201020_104649 - Copy

I wrote part of this while listening to “Suburbia”.

Some new episodes of World have been posted to youtube but they are really bad quality, but missing from season 4. They are great if you really love the show or enjoy looking at a fuzzy picture of your favorite cast member.

I get a call fro work to come in at 2PM. They always call so early at like 11am. I just wanted to relax and watch some internet vids. And did go in if you notice the hastily posted nostalgia blog. I was planning on posting that on Friday.

When I get there the parking lot is crowded. I really had to use the bathroom again. When I got into the store. Some guy comes in with me he walks up to our fridge where we have the bottles of soda. Takes a 2 liter Diet Pepsi and walks out. I don’t know why I thought that was funny. I saw the notice call me and 2 other people. It said “(my name) @ 2 (name of coworker) @ 4 (name of another coworker) @ 5”

There are only 2 workers there one making the pizzas and one cashiering.

At 3PM the one of the assistant managers comes in and is freaking out saying “There is a Dodger game on at 5 today!” Of course I know I made plans to watch and bought special food for it. You go get your pizza before the game, but baseball moves slowly if you get bored and wanna buy a pizza. Except there is one problem the World Series is not a one and done affair. Not like the Super Bowl. It is played for multiple games I’m trying to explain how the World Series works to my coworkers. Which days it is on or not on. One coworker said “There’s another one on tomorrow?!” I broke down the next 5 days for them. Wednesday: World Series game 2, Thursday: football (World Series day off), Friday: World Series game 3, Saturday: World Series game 4, Sunday: World Series game 5 (if needed). The series can go up to 7 games if needed. Pizza Worker hack: Keep a sports schedule in your phone and see how it correlates to how they schedule you. I noticed that when a popular or local team plays on Monday Night Football (regulatory scheduled one) I’m usually scheduled for a Monday.

By the time I got back there was still no score and the scoring happened after I was home so I didn’t miss anything. It was good they won. The local post game show was long and boring. I was falling asleep during it. The thing was so repetitive.

All I wanted to do was watch that repeat of the new Supermarket Sweep with Leslie Jones. That show was what I thought it would be. Another “hip” reboot. I had read some reviews that were mostly negative, but I wanted to see for myself. It’s giving me some Save to Win vibes and I found the random characters and vague rules annoying. Sometimes they were not even explained. I found it hard to follow. Why do the teams have dumb names like “Team Oatmeal”? And what is up with those custom sweatshirts? I’d rather watch Treasure Mall over this reboot and I didn’t even like Treasure Mall.

10 songs from 1990 Volume 9 —

10 songs from 1990 Volume 9

“I’m Not Satisfied” by Fine Young Cannibals

“Back to Basix” by Kid ‘n Play

“Justify my Love” by Madonna

“High Enough” by Damn Yankees 

“Principal’s Office” by Young MC

“I’ll Give All My Love to You” by Keith Sweat

“What Goes Around” by Regina Belle

“Still Got The Blues” (For You) Gary Moore My dad enjoys blasting this song and pretending he is not. All in my imagination.

“You Played Yourself” by Ice-T

“911 Is a Joke” by Public Enemy

Pizza Pinch Hitter — October 18, 2020

Pizza Pinch Hitter

I missed the call not on purpose I left my phone on silent from the day before left it in my room and went to go watch wresting videos on the PC. So I didn’t hear it. I was not ignoring their calls. I called them back after. They wanted me to come in a half hour later than usual. Which meant closing cleaning.

When I got there I really had to use the bathroom again. I found the note to call me today. I’m looking around for the dumb guy our shifts are supposed to overlap. He’s usually at the pizza topping station. When I happen to glance at the computer/clock I see they are writing an email about the dumb guy. It says something like he came into work with a temperature of 100.6 degrees (Fahrenheit)… Somebody walked by so I didn’t get to read all of it. That sensitive information should not be just out; you know close the tab. So they sent him home. I feel fine just a little bad from eating things like candy and fast food. Nothing some healthy eating can’t fix. If we get shut down again and my dad finds out he is gonna freak out again. Especially since I worked with the guy. I’ll get my wish if it makes him “go away”.

I was pretending to check the Dodger score on my phone while secretly being happy at this guy’s schadenfreude.

I kept having to use the bathroom for some reason. I think I used it 4 times in a shift and I was there like 4 hours.

I spent almost all of the shift washing dishes. I think the water heater there is broken. I thought it was yesterday, but I though it was just me. I just had to wash them with cold water. When I complained about it I was told I just washed dishes for too long. I can run the hot water for a long time and the hottest it can get is room temperature. It takes longer to wash and more elbow grease to do it. I was so wet all over from washing for like 3 hours. That last sentence sounded a little perverted. It brought back bad deli memories from my 3rd disastrous day there.

We were closed anyway no customer was going to bust us for playing on our phones.

Another coworker did some dishes and complained about the water too.

I checked and saw they clinched it!

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