Pizza for Breakfast (again) — November 30, 2020

Pizza for Breakfast (again)

As you can tell by the hastily posted decade blog I had to work. I got a call at yesterday at close to 10PM asking if i could come in tomorrow. If I was smart I would have ignored it. I could not hear the phone ringing very well over the wrestling video I was watching. It was the night manager calling me asking me to come in at 8AM.

Yeah nobody else got up at 6am with me.

The shift felt so long it was just dragging. I finally got to sign into the ordering system. So that was something good.

I’m trying the nanowrimo/100 tomorrow. It’s 17 words a day no pressure. But I’m writing a fan fic. I gotta rebel just a little. See how I like it.

10 Things from the year 2000 Vol 6 —
10 songs from 1990 Volume 10 — November 29, 2020

10 songs from 1990 Volume 10

“Something to Believe” in by Poison

“Release Me” by Wilson Phillips

“When I’m Back On My Feet Again” by Michael Bolton

“Hanky Panky” by Madonna

“Can I Kick It?” by A Tribe Called Quest

“I Got The Feeling” by Today

“Sensitivity” by Ralph Tresvant

“Big Love” by Robert Plant

“Round and Round” Tevin Campbell

“Kill Your Television” by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Slowness — November 28, 2020


Yesterday nothing really interesting happened at work. My dry elbow kept snagging on my shirt sleeve.

It was really slow today. We were really goofing off.

I didn’t want to say “punishment?” Yes worded like a question. I agree they are giving it to the “bad” workers and the new people. I really don’t know I don’t make the schedule. I don’t have that power. I’m a crew member.

Even More Toys from 1990 —

Even More Toys from 1990

This list is mostly Barbie and Barbie accessories/play sets.

United Colors of Benetton Barbie
Costume Ball Barbie Vanity and Throne I loved this little playset. It was partially convertible for the kid to use. I didn’t really care about that part. It came with all these accessories. I used the scepter to pretend my doll was Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers. I used to put the plastic mask it came with on my Minnie n Me Daisy figure. I used to have a Darkwing Duck crossover with my figures. The story was that Daisy was a superfan of Darkwing and makes her own crime fighting persona. I forget the name I gave it. She wore a purple dress, purple cape, the pink mask, a hat. Like her own homemade version of a Darkwing costume. The dressing screen also makes a good background for toy photos. The vanity opens up and you can store small items in it.
Dinner Date Barbie/Ken Fashions This was a neat concept. They were matching outfits for Ken and Barbie, but sold separately of course. The Ken outfit I got was black slacks, a pink plaid cummerbund and a bright pink jacket. The jacket was bulky, but looked better on her.
Barbie Pink Sparkles Furniture
Barbie Magical Mansion This is where you put the furniture. Never got a Barbie house.
Barbie Magical Motorhome Another large Barbie thing I never got.
Sun Splash Maxie This was the last line of Maxie dolls Hasbro produced.
3 in 1 Game Center Table by Fisher Price Who didn’t want this as a kid? they made it look so fun in the commercial. Why go to the arcade when you have this?
Lil’ Litters (My Little Puppy, Kitty and Bunny) These were a spinoff? Of My Little Pony? They were hard to find in the wild I saw them (the bunnies) once being sold in an aisle at the K-Mart with Easter stuff. Makes sense? I guess?
Saved by the Bell Dolls If the girls from my 3rd grade class knew these existed they would have been all over these things. Never heard them mention them, so I guess not.

Back with 10 more Movies from 1990 — November 27, 2020

Back with 10 more Movies from 1990

There are a few shorts thrown in.

DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp I went to see an advanced screening of this with a promotion/contest run by KCAL. (the station that showed Ducktales/The Disney Afternoon) I went to some mall to watch it. I think everybody got a poster. There were promotional lunchboxes under random theater seats. The person in front of me took the lunchbox under my seat. Because it did poorly a Rescue Rangers movie was never released.
Fantasia re-release Was never fond of this movie.
Prince and the Pauper short
Roller Coaster Rabbit short
Martians Go Home
Days of Thunder

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.
Problem Child

Quarantine Thanksgiving — November 26, 2020

Quarantine Thanksgiving

Here is a fun picture of one of my dolls I took years ago eating the Peanuts style Thanksgiving meal.


Why don’t people try and re-create Chandlers anti-Thanksgiving meal?

If you wanna be like Julia Child eat some Goldfish crackers.

I’m thankful that I have a job and I don’t have to keep going to the mall looking for work.i was going there 1-3 times a week. That i don’t have the virus or is legitimately exhibiting symptoms of it. 

Listening to Matt’s Purple Stuff Podcast about the 2001 Macy’s Parade. I need to go find that essay I wrote about it in my senior year. Maybe I’ll post it for next year’s Thanksgiving. Since it would be 20 years. Re-read it. It really said nothing. I’ll post it next year. 

They put a lot of filler in the parade this year. But I got to see the pikachu balloon and the dancing pikachu. They muted the part that said “football”. But they kept that part in during the Dog Show.  But I could watch the Dog Show twice in one day. You could watch 2 NFL games it was like the old times. I got to see the pug being shown on the broadcast of the show. Toy group was the 3rd presented.

My mom almost burned the turkey breast we got, but it did not taste burned. It was just a little more dry. Other than that everything else tasted good.

All I Wanted was a Pizza — November 25, 2020

All I Wanted was a Pizza

Anyway when And they just keep bugging me.

I was planning on helping my parents by using the pizza coupon I had. Have some pizza the day before thanksgiving. Not a lot to clean up. Then I’m told I have to come on for a a shift in less than an hour. I said I don’t want the food so with very little notice. I didn’t even bother to shower. Smell my stench. No time to cut my nails either. I was so mad. I had less than an hour to get ready. I made sure to “game” the thermometer by eating ice cubes before I left and taking some ibuprofen. I had to choke down some food. I was mad I was going to miss the Arthur Thanksgiving special. It was the only time I could watch it. Every time it was on it came on a channel we didn’t get or was on at a bad time like 5am. 

A little back story with this. After our store broke sales records. We were rewarded with a t-shirt and coupon for a free meal from there including a pizza and a drink. When the manager gave it to me she said it expires at the end of the year and make sure to use it here. That would have never happened at the deli. Everybody from everywhere was telling us we suck. customers, upper management, corporate. I don’t know why they blamed it on the associates that it sucked. Sure there were some bad employees and stuff. But there was terribleness on all levels. (I forget when I got it it I wanna say somewhere between the World Series and Halloween)

I didn’t need to ask for Thanksgiving off because we are closed on that day. No black Friday pizza specials like buy one pizza get one for a penny and no having to come in at 4am or anything. 

I was going to write down my schedule but I didn’t have time. I’m still getting the hang of the new phone. 

A lot of new people there one guy there looked just like the dumb guy but had a deeper voice and sleeve tats. Like I said a lot of my coworkers are indistinguishable. Guy didn’t know what a thermostat was. 

The night manager tells me she was under quarantine too. 

I asked the assistant manager who freaks about local sports games if it was busy Monday night. He said it was not busy Monday even if there was a Rams game. 

I think business is going to pick up again cause everything is shutting down again.

I’m not that upset that the football game was moved. I was not planning on watching that. I feel bad for the team members.

I also made sure to keep track of the pizza wars. I used to before I worked for a pizza restaurant, but now I do even more that I work for one.

Back with 10 More 1990 Foods —

Back with 10 More 1990 Foods

Pizza Hut Grand Pan Pizza
Sizzler Grilled Lunch Sandwiches
Heart Light Margarine
Dominos Bacon Cheeseburger Feast
Dominos Deluxe Pizza Feast
Dominos Pepperoni Pizza Feast
Newman’s Own Dressing at Burger King
Jack in the Box Ham and Turkey Melt
Arby’s Double Deckers in (Deluxe, Beef n Swiss, Bac’n Cheddar)
Gatorade Light

Bad Bacon — November 24, 2020

Bad Bacon

I think I’ve been eating bad bacon for the past few days. I don’t wanna end up sick like Gene from Bob’s Burgers on Thanksgiving. I was sick on Thanksgiving in 1994. I spent most of the day in my parents’ room with my stuffed Black Ranger toy. Then my uncle came to visit. I’ve just been having bad luck with food all day. My dad always complains about how “smelly” the food I cook is or that I’m cooking “wrong”. There was nothing “weird” in my omelette just sausage and cheese. No onions or anything like that. After he criticized how I cooked I refuse to cook for him. Almost for 20 years now. Still won’t! It ended badly never again! Then I burned my toast and he over exaggerated about that too. Totally burned like charred. I tried to buy meat at the store and the guy sold me a random cut of beef. I wanted beef just not that cut. Why not just tell me you were out? I hope it cooks properly.

I found some Barbie accessories at the Dollar store. I was going to open them. I figured my dad complains about not having enough things to wrap that are still in the package for Christmas. They are kinda plain looking but nothing some paint can’t fix.

20201124_105027 - Copy

My computer won’t recognize my phone when it is connected by USB cable. That has been bothering me since I got it. it just won’t read it properly. It reads it as an MP3 player. It took me a long time and I had to get deep into the bowels of the phone. Apparently it was a strict security setting. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure this out today.

Writing 500 words over a month is not that hard. I think? Depends on how busy December and January get. Or if there is another complete lockdown. I can’t decide if I want to write fan fiction, work on a completely new project or work on something I already started. If I really wanted to and had time I could try one of each for 3 months.

I already have my tv itinerary for Thanksgiving Day; Parade, Dog Show, (break/nap), meal, The Masked Singer.