I think I’ve been eating bad bacon for the past few days. I don’t wanna end up sick like Gene from Bob’s Burgers on Thanksgiving. I was sick on Thanksgiving in 1994. I spent most of the day in my parents’ room with my stuffed Black Ranger toy. Then my uncle came to visit. I’ve just been having bad luck with food all day. My dad always complains about how “smelly” the food I cook is or that I’m cooking “wrong”. There was nothing “weird” in my omelette just sausage and cheese. No onions or anything like that. After he criticized how I cooked I refuse to cook for him. Almost for 20 years now. Still won’t! It ended badly never again! Then I burned my toast and he over exaggerated about that too. Totally burned like charred. I tried to buy meat at the store and the guy sold me a random cut of beef. I wanted beef just not that cut. Why not just tell me you were out? I hope it cooks properly.

I found some Barbie accessories at the Dollar store. I was going to open them. I figured my dad complains about not having enough things to wrap that are still in the package for Christmas. They are kinda plain looking but nothing some paint can’t fix.

20201124_105027 - Copy

My computer won’t recognize my phone when it is connected by USB cable. That has been bothering me since I got it. it just won’t read it properly. It reads it as an MP3 player. It took me a long time and I had to get deep into the bowels of the phone. Apparently it was a strict security setting. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure this out today.

Writing 500 words over a month is not that hard. I think? Depends on how busy December and January get. Or if there is another complete lockdown. I can’t decide if I want to write fan fiction, work on a completely new project or work on something I already started. If I really wanted to and had time I could try one of each for 3 months.

I already have my tv itinerary for Thanksgiving Day; Parade, Dog Show, (break/nap), meal, The Masked Singer.