Anyway when And they just keep bugging me.

I was planning on helping my parents by using the pizza coupon I had. Have some pizza the day before thanksgiving. Not a lot to clean up. Then I’m told I have to come on for a a shift in less than an hour. I said I don’t want the food so with very little notice. I didn’t even bother to shower. Smell my stench. No time to cut my nails either. I was so mad. I had less than an hour to get ready. I made sure to “game” the thermometer by eating ice cubes before I left and taking some ibuprofen. I had to choke down some food. I was mad I was going to miss the Arthur Thanksgiving special. It was the only time I could watch it. Every time it was on it came on a channel we didn’t get or was on at a bad time like 5am. 

A little back story with this. After our store broke sales records. We were rewarded with a t-shirt and coupon for a free meal from there including a pizza and a drink. When the manager gave it to me she said it expires at the end of the year and make sure to use it here. That would have never happened at the deli. Everybody from everywhere was telling us we suck. customers, upper management, corporate. I don’t know why they blamed it on the associates that it sucked. Sure there were some bad employees and stuff. But there was terribleness on all levels. (I forget when I got it it I wanna say somewhere between the World Series and Halloween)

I didn’t need to ask for Thanksgiving off because we are closed on that day. No black Friday pizza specials like buy one pizza get one for a penny and no having to come in at 4am or anything. 

I was going to write down my schedule but I didn’t have time. I’m still getting the hang of the new phone. 

A lot of new people there one guy there looked just like the dumb guy but had a deeper voice and sleeve tats. Like I said a lot of my coworkers are indistinguishable. Guy didn’t know what a thermostat was. 

The night manager tells me she was under quarantine too. 

I asked the assistant manager who freaks about local sports games if it was busy Monday night. He said it was not busy Monday even if there was a Rams game. 

I think business is going to pick up again cause everything is shutting down again.

I’m not that upset that the football game was moved. I was not planning on watching that. I feel bad for the team members.

I also made sure to keep track of the pizza wars. I used to before I worked for a pizza restaurant, but now I do even more that I work for one.