This list is mostly Barbie and Barbie accessories/play sets.

United Colors of Benetton Barbie
Costume Ball Barbie Vanity and Throne I loved this little playset. It was partially convertible for the kid to use. I didn’t really care about that part. It came with all these accessories. I used the scepter to pretend my doll was Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers. I used to put the plastic mask it came with on my Minnie n Me Daisy figure. I used to have a Darkwing Duck crossover with my figures. The story was that Daisy was a superfan of Darkwing and makes her own crime fighting persona. I forget the name I gave it. She wore a purple dress, purple cape, the pink mask, a hat. Like her own homemade version of a Darkwing costume. The dressing screen also makes a good background for toy photos. The vanity opens up and you can store small items in it.
Dinner Date Barbie/Ken Fashions This was a neat concept. They were matching outfits for Ken and Barbie, but sold separately of course. The Ken outfit I got was black slacks, a pink plaid cummerbund and a bright pink jacket. The jacket was bulky, but looked better on her.
Barbie Pink Sparkles Furniture
Barbie Magical Mansion This is where you put the furniture. Never got a Barbie house.
Barbie Magical Motorhome Another large Barbie thing I never got.
Sun Splash Maxie This was the last line of Maxie dolls Hasbro produced.
3 in 1 Game Center Table by Fisher Price Who didn’t want this as a kid? they made it look so fun in the commercial. Why go to the arcade when you have this?
Lil’ Litters (My Little Puppy, Kitty and Bunny) These were a spinoff? Of My Little Pony? They were hard to find in the wild I saw them (the bunnies) once being sold in an aisle at the K-Mart with Easter stuff. Makes sense? I guess?
Saved by the Bell Dolls If the girls from my 3rd grade class knew these existed they would have been all over these things. Never heard them mention them, so I guess not.