Ram into a Pizza — November 23, 2020
Organized and Protected — November 22, 2020

Organized and Protected

I realized some of my other lists are really unorganized. For my decade blogs and some are not. Just a confusing mess of a list.

I finally put the screen protector on my phone. I did a so-so job on it. I didn’t notice a big clump of dust. Still cheaper than having it done at the mall for a lot more. If the malls are even open. My dad complained about how expensive it was for my last phone. Expensive lesson learned.

What if I did nano one year but divided the word count by say 100? That’s 17 words a day for 30 days. I could totally do that!

10 Foods from the year 2000 Vol 7 —
Even More Toys from the year 2000 — November 21, 2020

Even More Toys from the year 2000

Sailor Moon dolls Reissue by Irwin These looked so much better than the Ban Dai ones with the noseless faces. And they had the proper footwear. They have such cute face sculpts.
Monopoly 2000
Burger King Pokémon Game Boy toys They were cute and came with a little toy cartage. I wish I had more of these. They are hard to find complete loose online.
Wild Thronberrys Toys
McDonald’s Happy Meal Extremely Goofy Movie toys
Tyco RC Speed Wrench
McDonald’s Happy Meal Monster Crazy Bones toys
Me & My Shadow
Flick Trix
WuvLuvs 2

Wrestling with my Thoughts — November 20, 2020

Wrestling with my Thoughts

The reason I didn’t post a retro list blog was because I was not scheduled to work today even if I had been “healthy”. So I would have been at home watching wrestling. I have 2 blogs ready for the weekend when I was supposed to work.

So I watched old WWF Survivor series 1990 and 1991. They were pretty good provided I didn’t watch wrestling back then. I watched The Undertaker parts, and the part when the Rockers argue in the 1991 show. Why do people always think that Shawn Micheals kicked Marty Jannetty out the barbershop window? I’ve seen a few times. He kicked him then threw him out the window. So I didn’t watch in the era it came from but watching the multiple replays during the years. I noticed that.

Getting a little more acquainted with my new phone. I had to turn off like all the notifications. It was going off telling me nothing.

Busty Thoughts and New Cell Phones — November 19, 2020

Busty Thoughts and New Cell Phones

It’s not that kind of blog.

My dad said that when I got breasts I was mad I was not busty enough. I’m not sure who this person was, but it was not me. He was always fat shaming me once I reached puberty. I never wanted breasts. I thought they made me look “fat”. Never wanted a booty either. I always wanted an unshapely body no curves on the top or bottom.

I finally got a new phone! After all this time. I’m still trying to figure out how to work it. Once I kinda did and decided to keep it I bought a few phone cases off Amazon. Cause you know you need more than one. Or at least I did with my last phone, but by the time I need another case they were hard to find.

Everybody Dies (Eventually) — November 16, 2020

Everybody Dies (Eventually)

Don’t let the title fool you.

I was telling my mom about what a shit year it is with all these celebrities dying. Beside the election and the virus. She thought it was absurd that I thought that about celebrity deaths. I guess beloved celebrities die every year. ūü§∑ The year 2009 was a shit year for celebrity deaths too.

Anyway I found out that I can’t leave my house for 10 days because of the high temperature. Even if it was only for 10-20 minutes. I have no symptoms.

10 TV Shows from the Year 2000 Volume 8 — November 15, 2020

10 TV Shows from the Year 2000 Volume 8

Just Deal
Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?
It’s Your Chance of a Lifetime

The Toy Castle A cute little show with ballet dancing.
Farmclub.com tv show The one episode I really want to see is the one when No Doubt is on it promoting their new album “Return of Saturn”
Young Americans
Avenue Amy There is not much on this show. Found out about it on the obscuremedia subreddit.
Brutally Normal
The Geena Davis Show
Boston Public

Concentrate on Alex — November 14, 2020

Concentrate on Alex

It was great they did a tribute to Alex on Buzzr, but just a bit too much Classic Concentration. They could have peppered in a little bit of Double Dare and To Tell the Truth. They had like one episode of To Tell the Truth they showed twice unless there were more that I missed. But a huge chunk of it was Classic Concentration. Caught a few that I missed though late at night.

I would have had to close today. Probably stay till 11PM. Then I felt bad a little, but it’s not something I can control. It’s not like I purposely skipped out on them.

I forgot to mention I’ll just leave my scheduled blogs to be posted for the days I was planning on working. Maybe I’ll schedule some blogs for next weekend when I was scheduled to work on Saturday and Sunday.

Back with 10 more 1990 tv Shows —

Back with 10 more 1990 tv Shows

Captain Planet and the Planeteers You can read how I feel about this show here.
Capital News
Gravedale High Before Monster High there was this. Not a bad little cartoon.
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
America‚Äôs Funniest People I remember as a kid wanting to be on that show so badly. I did enjoy the Jackalope segments. That’s where I first learned what a jackalope was. And they used to show clips from the show on Saturday mornings during ABC’s programming.
Wild and Crazy Kids
What A Dummy
Uncle Buck The 1990 version of this show.
Evening Shade