Shipped — December 31, 2020


The opener was late again and it upsets my dad more than me. I told him about “not my circus not my monkeys” he got mad. When I got to work today we got a shipment of supplies. Whoever delivered them just left them in front of our oven. We could not even move around in there with all the stuff they shipped. So that took us at least a half hour which made us behind schedule to make the dough. They sent us a bunch of stuff we didn’t need.

I didn’t feel like immediately quitting today. When I got home my dad kept bothering me. He knew I was tired from work and needed all the sleep I could get from all the loud music and partying later in the night. He is trying to get a job and of course he’s trying to accelerate it for himself. I really should quit the job to cater to him.

My Year in Review —

My Year in Review

I guess you expected me to say that it sucked or was painful or something. Remember; embrace the never ending car ride of pain. But like I said before it seemed to really mess with the “nothing ever gets me down” kind of people the most. I’m not trying to trivialize any hardships anybody faced this horrible year. Stop pretending you are so happy family in lock down I see you all smiley together sitting in a canoe in your den. Cause you know once the camera is off they are going to be fighting. And I didn’t get anything done like making a buttload of crafts or something. Or even learn a foreign language. I didn’t even have any activity to brag about. My job was deemed essential. So I guess that would be my brag. Even if it is part time for my state’s minimum wage.

Personally I came into this year with no hope I was not graduating or planning to continue my education. I feel like I dodged a bullet with that one. I thought I was going to spend another year as an associates graduate jobless and broke. I was the last person you would ask on January 1st who was going to say 2020 was going to be my year. I was just hoping Flapper fashion would come back in style somehow. The one things I really wanted to do was get driving lessons. I was hoping to get my wisdom teeth removed and get some cheap glasses. Which I eventually did. I was reading over my blogs from the beginning of the year before the world caught on fire. Reminiscing about Woody Woodpecker having a hotline. Writing fan mail to Alex Trebek. Let’s not forget my phantom shift!

Which reminds me I have to pay taxes this year. I’ll have to wait for my form. I work for a big company (not bragging) I hope it doesn’t take a long time to get to me.

Are you ready for my 2001 and 1991 year in review posts?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? — December 30, 2020

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The dumb guy was not there today. My dad gets mad when the opener who has a key comes late. Why get mad about it? He doesn’t even work there! “Not my circus not my monkeys.” I decided that once I see the dumb guy’s name on the schedule in the management section. My ass is walking out the door provided I somehow trick myself into staying longer. All shift I was having an argument with myself debating to quit or not. I see how I’m treated compared to others and that makes me want to leave most of all. If I do then I can show my father that I can be just as head strong as he is. Because according to him me wanting to quit the job is “imaginary” and “in my head”. But to him all my thoughts and feelings are “fake, imaginary” and pretty much invalid. I really wanna do it just to spite him. And show that I can go through with a decision I make no matter how terrible. And it’s not like me making terrible life decisions is like a new thing to him.

Then they were playing around with the thermometer. I guess everybody knows it’s broken and gives false readings.

I told them to take the temperature of the shipment of Pepsi that arrived. I was so busy chatting with them to notice that the pizza I ordered was ready.

I got a pizza with a topping that I had never tried before. I had been meaning to try it for months.

The End of Friday Night —

The End of Friday Night

On December 30, 2000 Friday Night broadcast its last episode on NBC. A little background on what this show was. It started out as a music video and then turned into something else. Read the wikipeda article about the show.

By the time I started to watch it regularly in 1996 Rita Sever was the sole host. The first episode I saw was Rita and Will Ferrell at Alcatraz I was on vacation from school so it was definitely in the summer. My parents didn’t like that I would stay up until 1:35AM to watch it. By 1998 it was really starting to decline in quality. It was mostly replays of segments from The Tonight Show like comedians and musical performances.

Here is a diary entry I wrote about this episode from December 30, 2000. It was titled “Goodbye Rita!” “Today I am sad because it’s Friday Night’s last show and I think Are-Oh-Vee’s too. I don’t want all my videos to go away. And if they do I’ll get a job. The show was very touching and I remember most of the moments. I loved the music video parodies my favorite was the all saints one when Rita gets hit by the door and the time she want to Alkatranz (sic) that was my favorite episode.” and this I did later in the day “To remember Rita I named my weedle after her.” Thinking about it I was right about Are-oh-Vee since it did go off the air in February 2001. But that will be mentioned in a blog next year. I also noticed the decline in quality of that show too.

Here’s what I remember from watching it 2 years ago from the DVD I did try to convert. Lots of footage of Rita with big cats like lions and tigers. It was kinda boring. It was just like footage from the past 2 years or so. I had converted it to DVD, but sadly forgot to finalize it before the machine broke. 😭

The Grooming —

The Grooming

I had to work the opening shift yesterday with the dumb guy. I’m really surprised he doesn’t have a key. You’d think a star employee like him would be a key holder. They let him count the money. Then they let the guy do a Brinks drop off?! Bloody Hell!

I told him not to do that. He did it again so I’m quitting. That was the last straw. My dad acting stupid was not the only thing. I just feel stagnant there. They don’t really train me to do anything there. I’m just stuck in the back. Always. Plus I know the dumb guy is going to be manager in a few months. I can feel it and I don’t wanna be there when it happens. They are grooming him. I see it.

I’m quitting this job! I don’t care anymore! Plus he always tells me to make my own decisions and when I do he says “No”. What a bully! I said no I’m quitting no stipulations. I’m putting in my 2 weeks on the 4th. I need to move on.

My Hello Kitty doll fashion set came today. I ordered that before I decided to do this.

It’s better for me anyway. Sure I’ll be broke again but it’s safer. Plus we have to plan for the 100 days of masks.

TV Shows from the year 2000 — December 29, 2020

TV Shows from the year 2000

This is a list of all the shows I never got to post that I put on a list.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

Strip Mall

That’s Life

Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue

Who Knows you Best? 

The Tangerine Bear

Noah Knows Best

Battery Park

Opposite Sex

Soul Food


Harvey Birdman, Attorney at law

The Corner

Cover Me

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Judge Hatchett

Queer as Folk USA version

Sheep in the Big City

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Brak Show

Supermarket Sweep PAX version

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Math Monsters

Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse

Monster Mash Dic Special 

Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

Pokemon Johto

Santa Mouse and the Rat Deer

Oh Super Milk chan in Japan


Soupy Soup — December 28, 2020

Soupy Soup

I wanted to make a recipe, but instead I made soup.

When I got there the manager came back. I saw the dumb guy had washed dishes. I can tell his handiwork by how he puts them away he’s a little better at it, but still puts things in random places. At least he doesn’t put the pizza slicers in the utensil basket. It was dead there and they were just having me do random things.

When I got home I ate so much mistake soup. Meat and potatoes. I don’t want no salads. 😡 A nice hearty meal for a long day of work. And the cold weather.

The Pancake Problem — December 27, 2020

The Pancake Problem

My dad wanted some pancakes from a mix we bought from a catalogue. But for some reason I misread the directions and make it wrong. It made dough instead. I added some more liquid and it was better. The strange thing was he was not really upset about it.

It was a good thing I asked for today off. Since I’m working all week next week. I get the weekend off.

Saw the Masked Dancer it was ok. I think I’ll watch the next episode to see the next group perform. Once I found out the real secret of the show I’m kinda disappointed.

Some Things from 1990 and One Video Game —

Some Things from 1990 and One Video Game

Acuvue disposable contacts
Sandwich makers in general
Death of Roald Dahl
Disney’s children’s favorites volume 4
Liquid Clorox 2
Loved the reggae jingle. ♪Mama’s got the magic…♪
Double Tongue shoes Had these things they were so hard to tie with those fat tongues.

Here is a list of some As Seen on TV products that may have been released in 1990.
Magic Wand chopper/emulsifier
Le Snack sandwich maker
Dustmaster 2000 vacuum attachment
Rolling Ruler
The Great Wok of China
The Abdomonizer

Here is a list of 4 foods from 1990.

Doritos Light

Ruffles Light

Cheetos Light

Mountain Dew Sport

Days of Thunder video game

Fashion Faux Pas at Work — December 26, 2020

Fashion Faux Pas at Work

When I got there the night manager asked if I would work New Years Day. I asked if it was busy that day. I don’t know I’ve never worked here on New Years before. At said at least there a not a bunch of tourists here. She thought that was so funny. It’s true and a legitimate concern under normal circumstances. I said that there could have been a trickle of tourists in our area. I said at least we don’t work in Pasadena. She asked if Friday was next year then I remembered that Micheal Cole said “See you next year!” at the end of Smackdown and I mentioned it to her.

I had to pick up the pans. I was really struggling with my pants. If I didn’t do something soon they were going to be at my ankles. I dropped some while I almost felt my pants drop. I kept tying to get them and pull up my pants.

She asks if I can work mornings next week. I say sure I got nothing going on. I asked why didn’t she get the 3 new hires to do it. She said they are not really available a lot of the time.

I noticed my lush coworker was wearing slippers. Those like flannel loafer kind. The only reason I noticed was because I dropped a pan on the ground and saw his feet. I whisper to him “Are you wearing slippers?”. He asked how I noticed. Well they don’t look like the non slip shoes they make us wear there. They are usually leathery and black.

Later I went to the bathroom to use it. I was hurrying up because somebody else needed to get in there. When I pulled on my belt to tighten it. It broke! The buckle part tore off and fell on the floor. I had to think about what I was going to do. Should I go home? Should I try to make a belt from something else? So I just tied up what was left of the belt hillbilly style. The problem was it kept falling. Then we ran out of sauce. So I had to go make that while constantly fixing my pants every 15 minutes. Sauce is hard to make without having to constantly fuss with a belt for your pants. I was hoping I would get a short shift, but I had to stay there for the 5 hours. I was so relived to go home and get rid of that broken belt.

Later that night I ordered a belt and some more doll clothes for my 18 inch doll to get free shipping.