When I got there the night manager asked if I would work New Years Day. I asked if it was busy that day. I don’t know I’ve never worked here on New Years before. At said at least there a not a bunch of tourists here. She thought that was so funny. It’s true and a legitimate concern under normal circumstances. I said that there could have been a trickle of tourists in our area. I said at least we don’t work in Pasadena. She asked if Friday was next year then I remembered that Micheal Cole said “See you next year!” at the end of Smackdown and I mentioned it to her.

I had to pick up the pans. I was really struggling with my pants. If I didn’t do something soon they were going to be at my ankles. I dropped some while I almost felt my pants drop. I kept tying to get them and pull up my pants.

She asks if I can work mornings next week. I say sure I got nothing going on. I asked why didn’t she get the 3 new hires to do it. She said they are not really available a lot of the time.

I noticed my lush coworker was wearing slippers. Those like flannel loafer kind. The only reason I noticed was because I dropped a pan on the ground and saw his feet. I whisper to him “Are you wearing slippers?”. He asked how I noticed. Well they don’t look like the non slip shoes they make us wear there. They are usually leathery and black.

Later I went to the bathroom to use it. I was hurrying up because somebody else needed to get in there. When I pulled on my belt to tighten it. It broke! The buckle part tore off and fell on the floor. I had to think about what I was going to do. Should I go home? Should I try to make a belt from something else? So I just tied up what was left of the belt hillbilly style. The problem was it kept falling. Then we ran out of sauce. So I had to go make that while constantly fixing my pants every 15 minutes. Sauce is hard to make without having to constantly fuss with a belt for your pants. I was hoping I would get a short shift, but I had to stay there for the 5 hours. I was so relived to go home and get rid of that broken belt.

Later that night I ordered a belt and some more doll clothes for my 18 inch doll to get free shipping.