The dumb guy was not there today. My dad gets mad when the opener who has a key comes late. Why get mad about it? He doesn’t even work there! “Not my circus not my monkeys.” I decided that once I see the dumb guy’s name on the schedule in the management section. My ass is walking out the door provided I somehow trick myself into staying longer. All shift I was having an argument with myself debating to quit or not. I see how I’m treated compared to others and that makes me want to leave most of all. If I do then I can show my father that I can be just as head strong as he is. Because according to him me wanting to quit the job is “imaginary” and “in my head”. But to him all my thoughts and feelings are “fake, imaginary” and pretty much invalid. I really wanna do it just to spite him. And show that I can go through with a decision I make no matter how terrible. And it’s not like me making terrible life decisions is like a new thing to him.

Then they were playing around with the thermometer. I guess everybody knows it’s broken and gives false readings.

I told them to take the temperature of the shipment of Pepsi that arrived. I was so busy chatting with them to notice that the pizza I ordered was ready.

I got a pizza with a topping that I had never tried before. I had been meaning to try it for months.