On December 30, 2000 Friday Night broadcast its last episode on NBC. A little background on what this show was. It started out as a music video and then turned into something else. Read the wikipeda article about the show.

By the time I started to watch it regularly in 1996 Rita Sever was the sole host. The first episode I saw was Rita and Will Ferrell at Alcatraz I was on vacation from school so it was definitely in the summer. My parents didn’t like that I would stay up until 1:35AM to watch it. By 1998 it was really starting to decline in quality. It was mostly replays of segments from The Tonight Show like comedians and musical performances.

Here is a diary entry I wrote about this episode from December 30, 2000. It was titled “Goodbye Rita!” “Today I am sad because it’s Friday Night’s last show and I think Are-Oh-Vee’s too. I don’t want all my videos to go away. And if they do I’ll get a job. The show was very touching and I remember most of the moments. I loved the music video parodies my favorite was the all saints one when Rita gets hit by the door and the time she want to Alkatranz (sic) that was my favorite episode.” and this I did later in the day “To remember Rita I named my weedle after her.” Thinking about it I was right about Are-oh-Vee since it did go off the air in February 2001. But that will be mentioned in a blog next year. I also noticed the decline in quality of that show too.

Here’s what I remember from watching it 2 years ago from the DVD I did try to convert. Lots of footage of Rita with big cats like lions and tigers. It was kinda boring. It was just like footage from the past 2 years or so. I had converted it to DVD, but sadly forgot to finalize it before the machine broke. 😭