I had to work the opening shift yesterday with the dumb guy. I’m really surprised he doesn’t have a key. You’d think a star employee like him would be a key holder. They let him count the money. Then they let the guy do a Brinks drop off?! Bloody Hell!

I told him not to do that. He did it again so I’m quitting. That was the last straw. My dad acting stupid was not the only thing. I just feel stagnant there. They don’t really train me to do anything there. I’m just stuck in the back. Always. Plus I know the dumb guy is going to be manager in a few months. I can feel it and I don’t wanna be there when it happens. They are grooming him. I see it.

I’m quitting this job! I don’t care anymore! Plus he always tells me to make my own decisions and when I do he says “No”. What a bully! I said no I’m quitting no stipulations. I’m putting in my 2 weeks on the 4th. I need to move on.

My Hello Kitty doll fashion set came today. I ordered that before I decided to do this.

It’s better for me anyway. Sure I’ll be broke again but it’s safer. Plus we have to plan for the 100 days of masks.