I guess you expected me to say that it sucked or was painful or something. Remember; embrace the never ending car ride of pain. But like I said before it seemed to really mess with the “nothing ever gets me down” kind of people the most. I’m not trying to trivialize any hardships anybody faced this horrible year. Stop pretending you are so happy family in lock down I see you all smiley together sitting in a canoe in your den. Cause you know once the camera is off they are going to be fighting. And I didn’t get anything done like making a buttload of crafts or something. Or even learn a foreign language. I didn’t even have any activity to brag about. My job was deemed essential. So I guess that would be my brag. Even if it is part time for my state’s minimum wage.

Personally I came into this year with no hope I was not graduating or planning to continue my education. I feel like I dodged a bullet with that one. I thought I was going to spend another year as an associates graduate jobless and broke. I was the last person you would ask on January 1st who was going to say 2020 was going to be my year. I was just hoping Flapper fashion would come back in style somehow. The one things I really wanted to do was get driving lessons. I was hoping to get my wisdom teeth removed and get some cheap glasses. Which I eventually did. I was reading over my blogs from the beginning of the year before the world caught on fire. Reminiscing about Woody Woodpecker having a hotline. Writing fan mail to Alex Trebek. Let’s not forget my phantom shift!

Which reminds me I have to pay taxes this year. I’ll have to wait for my form. I work for a big company (not bragging) I hope it doesn’t take a long time to get to me.

Are you ready for my 2001 and 1991 year in review posts?