Some Foods and Video Games from the Year 2000 — December 26, 2020

Some Foods and Video Games from the Year 2000


Chewy Double Chocolate Chips Ahoy

Oreo Magic Dunkers

Bumble and Brown Creamy Fruit Spread

Olive Garden Lobster Spaghetti

Olive Garden Pork Filettino 

Mistic soft drink 

Nacho Air Crisps 

Honey Nut Chex Mix

Sonic Watermelon Slush

Sonic Bacon Cheddar Burger

Sonic Holiday Peppermint Shake

Lays Stax

Video games:

Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood for Game Boy Color

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Tigger’s Honey Hunt

 Doug’s Big Game for Game Boy Color

 The Lion King: Simba’s Mighty Adventure for Game Boy Color

The Name Game (at Christmas) — December 25, 2020

The Name Game (at Christmas)

Let’s start at the beginning of the day. I kept checking The Price is Right Barker era channel on PlutoTV to see if they were going to show Christmas episodes. they were running ads that they were. Midnight nothing, 1AM nothing, 2AM nothing. I wanted to see Holly on stage (both kinds). Later when I checked in the afternoon local time they were showing the episodes.

Here is the loot/haul.

20201225_093703 - Copy

And some consumables.

20201225_101349 - Copy

These were the ponies inside; Rarity and Fluttershy.

20201225_101925 - Copy

The doll came without a name, so I was thinking of naming it Matthew. Like the Hairdorables have a character named Noah who is female. Then I thought about Cayenne and Milwaukee. You know food or geography based names but not old ones like Ginger or China. I have the perfect name for her Mimmy. If you know your Hello Kitty lore? Cannon? You know why I chose this name. I got the idea while looking at the packaging for my Hello Kitty stamp set. She is the one in the yellow bow. My mom thought it was a dumb name so she is currently unnamed.

m_5fad598369141296f15d0f57 - Copy

I was more interested in seeing what fit her scale which made me want to open my 5 Surprise balls. I got 2 series 2 and a toy one.

20201225_094210 - Copy

There were no doubles for the toy one since this is my first ball.

20201225_103051 - Copy

The shopping cart was hard to build. I got frustrated and never finished building it.

The first ball was mostly doubles. I was very frustrated.

20201225_103431 - Copy

The second ball was more for me. It had 2 kinds of cheese in it. And a shelf that I got frustrated building.

20201225_103735 - Copy

I thought I already had the paprika. But I think I saw somebody unbox it in a youtube video and I mistakenly thought I had it. Netted 6 new series 2 items since all the toy themed items were new to me. Now I have 3 Kool aids. I think I’ll just give the doubles to my dolls.

I really wanted red soda for dinner. Cherry 7up reminds me of Christmas and watching wrestling.

My mom made a pumpkin flavored cake and it was really good.

20201225_170541 - Copy

Here is a box of all the things I had been saving for years for when I got an 18 inch doll. A more in depth review will be posted about her later.

20201225_180233 - Copy

I got to watch wrestling and some Christmas week episodes of The Price is Right on PlutoTV.

The Sun, The Rain, My Warm Bed and Greasy Doll Hair — December 24, 2020

The Sun, The Rain, My Warm Bed and Greasy Doll Hair

I was playing with my Howleen doll and her hair seemed suddenly greasy. I’ve had this doll for years and the original owner. I got her back in 2014 and now her head leeches product? I did a little research and this is a problem with Monster High and Ever After High dolls. I think she needs a good hair washing.

I was spending too much time working on my blog. I was almost late for work. My blogs need a little work.

When I got there it was not very busy. It was dead for like an hour. Then it got busy right before 1PM. I spent most of the time making sauce and washing dishes. Thinking about untradtatinal Christmas songs like “All I Want for Christmas in my Two Front Teeth” and “Christmas at Ground Zero”. So I call home and we are just messing around for 10 minutes eating donuts and chatting. One of my coworkers was singing “Silent Night”. Her singing is ok. She usually sings pop and r&b songs.

When I got home I smelled my mom had baked cookies and I watched some Christmas cartoons; Garfield and The Simpsons. Later I watched some Christmas themed music videos. I remember having more than I thought I recorded.

Festivus Yes! Pizza No! — December 23, 2020
Getting Festivus off is a Right! — December 22, 2020

Getting Festivus off is a Right!

I saw one of those Cave Club dinosaurs at the store. I don’t know it looks kinda goofy.

The night manager texted me at 9 something AM. I missed her first text while I was shopping. Lots of changing and rearranging in the schedule. I was trying to figure out what she was trying to say. I really wanted to get today and Festivus off. I really wanted to work in the morning on Sunday because I really wanted to see The Masked Dancer. The schedule got finalized by 2PM. Seriously I have no idea what is going on here. Who is coming who is leaving. How long we are open each day. I wouldn’t mind so much if this happened during another part of the year like August. She kept sending pics and it was eating up my data.

I am almost finished posting all the left over end of year blogs. So there might be days when I’m not scheduled for work and post nothing. I already got some 2001 themed blogs ready to be posted.

Things from the Year 2000 —

Things from the Year 2000

This is a list of all the things I never got to post that I put on a list.

Punk purses

Pleated skirts

Sweater vest

Burrito shoes

Eye glitter

Bright clothes

Polka dots

DKNY jeans


Indian inspired fashion

Glitter cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets

Disco clothes


Cargo pants

Lip taffy

Spiked hair on guys

Crimped hair

Rhinestone belt

Hair tattoos

Kitten heels

Curve fragrance


Peel away nail polish

Rock influence fashions

Album cover purses

Body shimmer

Jennifer Lopez Versace dress

Messenger bags

Bubble watches

Chicken Soup for the Soul books and things


Paris Blues

Light Beats headphones

Sydney games

Zana Di jeans





Thunderbolt on jewelry

Baby-g style watches


Toggle cargo pants

Nylon cargo pants

Flair jeans

Emily the strange

Marabou feathers


Wards closing

Make 7 Up Yours campaign

Colored electronics

Preppy fashion

Retro Shoes

Bright nails

Shimmer nail polish

Jewel tone nail polish

Kodak max camera


Snake print

Island print

Retro shoes 80s trainers


Leopard print

2000 US presidental election (Bush vs Gore)

Beaded jewelry

PT Cruiser

Gelly roll pens

Trope 2000

Windows 2000

Office 2000



Hanging chad

Dimpled chad

OBT jeans

Wrinkle release spray

Crochet tops

Colored sunscreen banana boat

Anne Geddes

60 Second Time Machine Toothbrush

WB chevy venture

Alloy books


Red leather pants

Backless tops

Cropped cardigans

Bandana tops

Wallet purse

Square toed shoes

Shiny denim

Toe socks

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book)

International Space Station long term residents

Antibacterial wipe ups from Mr. Clean

Lovely Wink and Tomato

Robowan Sanrio

Coppertone Kids Color wacky foam

Britney spears C watch

Sacagawea coin

Palm Incorporated company

Pretear manga in Japan

Zone of the Enders

Steam Detectives light novel in japan

Blast off Syndrome Korean anime

Katbot webtoon

Life Strategies For Teens

Metallic skirts

Powerpuff Girls clothes

Cartoon tees


Asian inspired clothes

Platform slides

White sneakers

G2 My Little Pony stuff

Seed beads



Knit bikinis

Hot pants bathing suit

Lacy overlay dress

Stargirl book

Dickies bags

Tinsel purse

Johnson’s kids body wash

Zest body wash

Wizard scented oil

The Almay insider mascara

Biore foam moisturizer

Arm and Hammer PM toothpaste

Pert shampoo and conditioner in separate bottles

Bounce color smart dryer sheets

Cascade complete

Revlon go chilli reds

Ambi pur

WWF Cookbook

Rugrats talking Burger King watches

Old Navy techno chino

Pontiac Aztek

Bowling Alone book

Lucky magazine 

Jazzland opens in New Orleans

O magazine 

Metallica sues Napster

Fit vegetable wash

Cover girl fresh look makeup


One coat light and easy liquid stick makeup 

Motrin migraine pain medicine

Clorox wipes

Who Am I Talking To? — December 21, 2020

Who Am I Talking To?

I just want some time off this time of year. I was really hoping we would be closed. Screw it tomorrow I’m not going in. I want a day off. I don’t care what my dad says or even about the extra money. They have the dumb guy give him all the hours. Why is my dad concerned about that so much he does not even work there.

I just kept getting in trouble for things I didn’t do. Like for a window frame being broken due to the building being old.

Finally they put up a sign that said about the different store hours and closing at 6PM. We should have done that last week! I mean think of this as a customers POV. I know I would be pissed. It was like at the deli when “Miss A-game” would get mad at me for selling the customers fresh rotisserie chickens instead of the old ones. The customers aren’t stupid they want the fresh ones and they have the time on them.

The dumb guy said somebody came in there and said something about the regional manager. I thought it was a prank or something. Not by him but the person who asked for that.

About a half hour later after that I was answering phones taking orders and arguing with customers. Then somebody calls and asks “Who am I talking to?” I thought it was just another Karen complaining about meat placement on her pizza or something. I’m very confused by this. Then they ask “Who is in charge?” I say (name of responsible coworker is there you want to talk to her?) So I got her told her the manager was on the phone and gave it to her.

People in other states are getting really depressed again. Meh! I figure nothing is going to be open in my state until 2022 by the earliest.

Toys from the Year 2000 —

Toys from the Year 2000

Barbie Zoo Babies

Cuddly Soft Kelly

Barbie Dream House

Love n care Kelly

Barbie Mansion

Fashion Model Barbie Collection Line

My Real Baby Puppet as seen on TV

Brandy Singing Holiday Doll

Vitamin C Doll

Pokemon League Cards

Team Rocket cards

N*sync dolls

Charlie’s Angels dolls

Scratch Dog Robot by Trendmasters

Hot Wheels Motorized Skateboarders

GI Joe Micro Machines

Lil Tykes Young Explorer Computer

WCW Battle arm toys

Sweet e Baby doll

Disney World Mini Beans

Grinch movie toys

E-specially Barney toy

Yomega yo yos at McDonald’s

Super Soaker SC triple charge

Make up Mindy

Hopscotch Heather

Rugrats cookie dolls

McDonald’s Playdoh set

Garfield toys at Wendy’s

McDonald’s Dinosaur movie puppets

Power Wheels Harley Davidson

X Pogo by Kidpower

E Chargers Flying Machines Air Hogs

Viva Rock Vegas toys at Burger King

Pokemon 2000 Burger King toys

My Real Baby (a different toy)

Fuzzy Pumper Pet Parlor

Puppy Racers

DragonballZ toys

Rugrats in Paris Burger King toys

Burger King Big Kids Club – Chicken Run

Super Soaker XP 310

Storm water guns by Trendmasters; Typhoon, Cyclone, Monsoon

Mary Kate and Ashley dolls

Wheelie Razor Scooter

Silly Willie bubbling sprinkler

Flappin Flamingo

Rocket the Wonder Dog

Tyco RC Racin’ Ratz

The Crocodile Hunter Game (remake of Fraidy Cats board game)

Hot Wheels Auto Tech Service Center

Wendy’s Kids Meals + Curious George toys

Magic Sing-Along Suzy

Pokemon Pikachu 2

Backstreet Boys Burger King toys


PowerPuff Girls toys at Subway

Illumia Sketch

Tyco RC

Let’s pretend Elmo

Disney Walk ‘n Wag Friends


Top It game

The Tigger Movie Happy Meal toys

Fib Finder game

Texaco Olympic Animals 2000

Pokemon figures in Pop Tarts

Magic Megan

Lightspeed rescue megazord

Dino Alive Aladar toy

Jumpin Jam

Stylin’ hair Brandy doll

Sabrina the Animated Series dolls

Sonic Wacky Pack Express Cars

Star Splash Barbie

Lock in Your Rates — December 20, 2020

Lock in Your Rates

I wonder if they think I’m like George Costanza and show up for random shifts. Do work during them.

They had me refill the soda fridge. Some of the sodas in the supply area were hard to get to and we have so much stuff crammed into our little store some doorways are blocked and partially a fire hazard. I was really engrossed in stocking the fridge. Then I saw somebody come to the door. We are not open yet at the time. I was going to yell that we are closed. Then I saw it was the dumb guy and it inadvertently looked like I locked him out. I was really fighting with the door lock and then almost forgot to lock it. So I was thinking about Alex Trebek again today. I was thinking about his old Colonial Penn commercial where there are shots of locking doors and he says something about locking in your rate. I didn’t stay long and bought a deep dish pizza.

But I got to watch Night Court at 6:30AM and work for 3.5 hours.

Movies from the Year 2000 —

Movies from the Year 2000

This is a list of movies I didn’t get to list.

Mission Impossible 2

Autumn in New York

Small Time Crooks

Meet the Parents

The Contender

The Legend of Bagger Vance

An Everlasting Piece

The Beach


Dude Where’s My Car?

Dancer in the Dark

Rugrats in Paris

Ready to Rumble

My Myself and Irene

Waking the Dead

Whatever it Takes

Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

Alley Cats Strike

Gun Shy

Drowning Mona

Keeping the Faith


Here on Earth


Thomas and the Magic Railroad

The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

2 Heads are Better than None

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Urban Legends: Final Cut 


Nutty Professor II: the Clumps


The Tigger movie

Viva Rock Vegas

Casper’s Haunted Christmas

Fantasia 2000

Whispers: An Elephant’s Tale 

Gone in 60 Seconds



Big Mama’s House

The 6th Day

Blue’s Big Musical Movie

The Scarecrow

The Claim 


Don Quixote

It’s the Pied Piper Charlie Brown

Cowboy Up

Beethoven’s 3rd

Tweety’s High-Flyin’ Adventure

Woman on Top


But I’m a Cheerleader


State and Main


George Washington

The House of Mirth

American Psycho

You Can Count on Me

Yi yi 

Shanghai Noon

The Little Vampire

 All the Pretty Horses

MVP Most Valuable Primate

Bear With Me 

Marine Life

The Elf Who Didn’t Believe

587 The Great Train Robbery

Creepy Crawlers/They Nest