One of the first DVDs I got was a Metabots one. I have 2 of them. I wrote about it here.

Anne of Green Gables the Animated Series

The puffed sleeves episode was the best one. The one about her allowance was a good episode too.

Mon Colle Knights

I loved this show I hated going to driving class and miss the show. The problem was that I had to miss the show and didn’t learn anything driving. I wrote about it here.

Tama and Friends

I didn’t realize how old this anime was when I saw the English dub of it. Locally they used to show it on KTTV at like 7AM.

Kong the animated series

Los Luchadores

The concept of this show seemed silly. Another western tokusatus show.

Alienators: Evolution Continues

Moolah Beach

I thought I wouldn’t but, I really liked this game show.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise