I have washed Howleen’s hair 4 times already and it’s still gunky and stiff.

I wanted another folding chair at the store, but they were all out on the website it said they had those in stock. But I did find some Pokemon bedding I wanted. Every time I would go to the store all they had was Jojo and Baby shark bedding. I picked up a Sparkle Girl doll to be the victim of my experiment with the nail polish my doll came with and one of her accessory packs. I polished the bottom of her feet so it would be hard to notice. They took a long time to dry. Maybe the room was cold. I think I’ll just use them for crafting.

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I got a call from the franchise owner I accidentally missed while taking my afternoon nap. Then I saw my coworkers texting sad faces. There was another exposure and we are closed completely. There was not enough people. I luckily was not exposed to the person. She said I could either take the week off and not get paid or work at another store. I’m scared. My nearest location that she runs is by the record store. Only because I won’t know the people there. I’m not the type of person who just clicks with anybody. That is so not me. Maybe I can get 2 hours somewhere or something. I’m supposed to get a call from a manager.

So what did I do while I was waiting? Make doll crafts. I made some money printables and fixed up my old whistle. It used to be mine. I was not sure how big to print the money some people say 18 inch dolls are 1:3 scale and some say they are 1:2.5 scale. The stack of 3 $20 bills came from the Our Generation Retro Out to the Ballgame set. accessory set I got for 18 inch dolls. The other $20s came from print mini with making the printable double the size and 1 1/2 the size. That’s why they are so pixelated. And the money with Max Goof came from an old Burger King toy. It looked like it could be her scale.

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She’s a Hello Kitty fan so she needs Hello Kitty accessories. This was my old whistle.

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I decided to put the 5 decade blogs I was going to post on pause for now.