I had been waiting for them to call me from the other store since yesterday. I got a call from them at 8:20 am. They asked when I could work. I only had a little bit of time to get ready. Then I realized I would have wanted to post a decade blog on Saturday if I worked or not. After thinking about that I hastily posted a blog. I had that 1991 movies one saved and ready to post. I almost forgot to post it. I think I did like an hour before I had to leave.

I made sure to wear my name tag. Cause like nobody was going to know who I am. When I’m where I usually work I get lazy and only put it on when I have to use the bathroom. So they know I’m in there. The manager there told me all the stores the franchisee runs are all the same. We all have the same products/menu items and stuff. They have a dough press and not a sheeter. I spent the whole shift topping pizzas. I was bored and tried to write a song. The lyrics are silly but very personal to me. I’m not going to share them here. There was this girl making bread sticks and they looked like the lumpy misshaped ones I make, so I didn’t feel so bad.

It’s an older building, but way more spacious. I only ran into another person 3 times. At where I usually work it’s like 6 or more. There was one prep sink, one handwashing sink (not including the bathroom sink), and the dish washing sink. They have more space to sell more sodas. They sell grape and strawberry soda there. I kept getting lost in there. I could probably walk around my store in my sleep and know where everything is. Or maybe a really dim light. Since were I work is so small you can literally turn around and take one step to throw an pizza in the oven from the topping station. Their topping station is a little wider than the one at my store. They have a nice spacious bathroom and walk in fridge. I complemented them on that. I told the girl what we do at my store is we put all the cheese together. So I took the extra bag of cheese and put it by the other cheese that is a different type. There was this employee and they got there really early for their shift. When I looked at them they took on a cowering posture/pose. What’s it to you? Person who works here who I don’t know. I looked at them a few times I was mostly looking at the clock on the computer. Which was in their direction.

I figured it would be like the old days and I’d get like 2 hours. And I did. I wasn’t too angry since I had worked since last Wednesday. Like I said they don’t know me and what I can do. I got scheduled for 4 more days. I have to adjust me blog postings accordingly.

Yesterday I wrote one word while editing a paragraph. I took my birthday off and the 11th too for some reason. Perhaps I can write more words tomorrow? I think I’ve written myself in a corner. 🤷