I went to the Walmart with my mom. They “claimed” there was a power outage. Well whatever it was closed. So we had to go to the Target which my mom doesn’t like as much. It used to be good but has been overrun with homeless and beggars. They are also stocking less in there. I found some good things there.

I found the things I wanted for my doll. I wanted her to have 2 things a lunch box and a backpack. I also saw the new Real Littles Handbags. I figured if I got one there was no chance for doubles. I think the bag is pretty cute. I would use this if it was bigger for me. All these things were a total of $24 without tax. I spent a lot of money there. I bought a folding chair for almost the same as these 3 toys.

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The lunch bag is ok. I think the My Life As one from Walmart is cuter, but I can’t find it anywhere and you can’t order it from the website for some reason. And my store stocks very little of the My Life As items. I really wanted to get her a box instead of a bag. I think I might have a small box in my storage somewhere. The ones on places like ebay are so expensive. I’m not paying $20 for a lunchbox for a doll and it’s just the box. And a generic one too that usually came from a store filled with candy or something. I like the croissant. I have another, but it is solid.

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The backpack is ok too. The sticky notes really work. I don’t know why they included this generic library card with a doll’s picture and name on it? It’s kinda silly and what if you have a doll that looks nothing like this? Who is Ayla?The pen/marker that came with it has no color on the tip like the one reviewed on this website. The backpack seems to be the same size as the Real Littles one. Except it has longer straps for the 18 inch doll to wear. It seems to be made of a cheap material like a cheap reusable grocery bag.

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I’m satisfied with the handbag. Not super satisfied just more than I was with the backpacks. I think the stuff inside it was junky. I got like nothing mentioned on the back of the package. At least there is a larger variety of items. Maybe I’ll get another I’m not sure. I’m so scared I’ll get one with identical doubles. It’s nice and is a great scale for my 18 inch doll. I think it will go great with her Hello Kitty dress. Gives her that kawaii look.

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I’ve been brainstorming names for my doll nothing has really stick with me. I’ve been using baby name websites and nothing.

I finally called work (the store I’m working at now) and they told me to come in on Friday. If I’m there it will be 2 weeks since my regular store closed. It closed on the 8th.

I like my 18 inch doll she keeps me chill. I was thinking about that when I was watching the “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo” music video again. I’ve been so wrapped up in crafting for her I have not been stressing about my secret hobby. Not them obliviously. They are coming off as delusional to me. Even the bitter realists. Maybe it’s because they live in the Southern US where restrictions are not as tight. The closures of public places and big gatherings really hurt them.

And trying to help the people whose parents don’t understand the appeal of this hobby.