I was gonna write something about politics, but then changed my mind.

I’ll make this doll review short too. It’s for the Hawaiian Fun Barbie from 1990. As a kid I always wanted one, but I got the Ken from the line.

The rubber bands disintegrated in her hair, and I’m not blaming the seller or anything this happens with doll’s hair and age this doll is from 1990. It happened to a doll that I was the original owner too. I got some more to fix her hair. I’ll restyle it later I was working hard in getting the pieces out of her hair.

Just look at the uncomplicated packaging dolls used to come in back in the day. She’s a beach doll and doesn’t come with many accessories. Only a brush, the skirt, sunglasses, and the perfume.


Look at the body difference between her and the Wild Hearts Crew doll. She has the basic early 90s Barbie body with the palms to rear arms. Also the way the faces are painted. Charlie’s face looks stamped on or something.

20210120_181936 - Copy

I put this silly outfit together for her. She is a Hawaiian themed doll and the pineapple purse goes well with her. I could not get the outfit in one shot. These Wild Hearts Crew shoes were the only ones she fit in.

20210120_185224 - Copy
20210120_185229 - Copy

I realized that she is small enough to fit in the spa accessories like the eye mask and foot bath. I think she looks pretty silly in the eye mask like a superhero.

20210120_185441 - Copy