Harry Potter Lego

Thinkchip Ash

Little Sparklin’ Clouds

A really obscure toy line. One of the names was reused for a Monster High doll years later. https://crystallinetoybox.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/spotlight-on-little-sparklin-clouds/

Magic Merbabies


A friend of Furby

Book of Pooh Happy Meal toys

Burger King The Simpsons Spooky Light Ups

When I went to the Burger King they were all out of these.

Puppy Magic and Kitty Magic toys

They were little toys that talked and suckled.

Rock’em sock em robots by Mattel

A revival by Mattel. That had wrenches and could be customized. Seemed to be cashing in on the fad of the Robot Wars tv show.

Toys R Us Happy Meal Animal Alley

Cute mini plush of the animal alley plush they sold at Toys R Us.