So we have 20 people and are open regular hours. I saw my lush coworker and the night manager were not on the schedule. Their names were missing. Some others were too.

Saw I was working in the morning tomorrow. I already had a blog post ready just in case.

The manager asked me how I liked that store. I told her I liked that it was bigger. (i didn’t mention no drama) She said the dish washing area was cramped. I guess never washed the dishes there. That place was so spacious I just imagined myself wandering that store while “Splendido” plays.

The manager said “(dumb guy) needs to learn. Teach him how to do dough”. Which is code for “We are grooming this guy to be a manager”. The day when I see his name on the manager side of the schedule I will quit right there no questions answered.

The assistant manager who panics about sports games was all cool about the football playoffs. What? You are calm about this? Why aren’t you freaking out about the NFC and AFC championship games tomorrow? My prediction was Green Bay and the Chiefs. I really want to see a rematch of Super Bowl I. Like my wrong predilection last year. Not like I’m really interested in any of the 4 teams anyway. Like I said I do keep a football schedule tab open in my phone.

I did ask for Super Bowl Sunday off I heard it was worse than Halloween. My dad told me not to, but he doesn’t work there. Halloween was terrible and we ran out of dough! All the seasoned and smart people know which days to ask for off because they will be crazy days.