My mom is so supportive and tells me I’ll never be manager. I’ve just been stuck there for almost a year now. They don’t teach me anything new. And she tells me I’m a bad worker. How does she know? She’s never seen me work? There are plenty of worse people than me. It’s not about me wanting to be manager. It’s just I can see them grooming the dumb guy. My mom thinks if he messes up he will get fired or demoted or something. Even if he did mess up I know they would just cover up for him.

I forgot my phone going to work and my dad freaked out. i left it charging and forgot about it. I don’t know why he got mad when I got really mad and reprimanded myself. About 20 minutes earlier he was getting mad at himself for buying the wrong kind of pastry. It goes both ways.

I hate working mornings! They really suck! Everybody listens to music and can’t hear me when I ask questions. They had me do all the hard heavy lifting. I cut my hand opening a bag of flour.

They had me make sauce like I though they would. I hate making sauce so much! Plus the guy working there put all the stuff to soak in the sanitizing part of the sink.

Making sauce was terrible as usual. It got in my eye when I was trying to make it. Then I spilled one of the containers. I need help with it.

The guy gave me free bread. Like this is gonna patch things up. You are a lazy idiot who watches anime during your shift!

My mom said what will I do on St. Patrick’s day this year. If they bother about that I just won’t pick up. The phone is going on silent that day. I’ll come in if they schedule me beforehand. If I happen to even make it that far.