Sun Sensation Barbie

I bought this Barbie with my own money. She was the first one I bought with my own money. I really wanted an Hawaiian Fun Barbie because all my friends had her or her friends. I did get one 30 years later. I bought the Hawaiian Fun Barbie in 2020. She was cool though came with some dark red lipstick that I loved the smell of. And her gold bikini.

Rollerblade Barbie

She was recalled because of her sparking skates.

Sparkle Eyes Barbie

I had a coloring book with her picture on it that was about cooking? It was a pretty cool book though. There were cake decorating tips and recipes. You can sometimes find these used with the rhinestones missing from one or both eyes.

Rose Bride Barbie

There was a Happy Meal figure of this doll.

Birthday Surprise Barbie

Happy Birthday Barbie

The commercial was sung to the tune of Happy Birthday. I wonder how much Mattel payed for the rights to use it?

American Beauty Queen Barbie

Barbie is never one to not release a counter doll. She did it with Jem and the Bratz and with the Miss America Dolls

Barbie cosmetics

I wrote about this here.

Barbie Sun Rider

Barbie Bubbling Pretty Spa