MC Hammer doll

Came in 2 different styles. In a gold outfit or a purple one. The boombox he came with was reused for Rappin Rockin Barbie in 1992.

Vanilla Ice doll

Made by THQ the same company who made those 1991 Strawberry Shortcake reboot dolls. Although they were more famous for making video games.

Miss America dolls

There was a lawsuit between Mattel and Kenner involving the dolls. Barbie came back with the American Beauty Queen doll.

Baby Sitters Club dolls by Remco

Not to be confused with the larger ones Kenner made a few years later.

Shani doll

They were their own line separate from Barbie. There is more information about the line here and here.

Disney’s Cinderella Doll

This line had a cool fashion packs for 11 1/2 dolls to wear to make them look like Lady Tremaine or the Fairy Godmother. Came with an outfit and a mask. They also sold Cinderella’s rag dress and her pink dress that could be ripped.

Hasbro Sindy

Hasbro marketed Sindy dolls for a few years.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast dolls

This set had less dolls only Belle and the Beast. The same mask and outfit concept was used for the Beast character who could change into Prince Adam. Belle came with 2 outfits her gold ball gown and her blue peasant dress.

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Doll

This line also had a fashion pack with a mask for an 11 1/2 inch doll to make them look like Maleficent. You could also get Aurora’s peasant dress.

Beverly Hills 90210 dolls

I think their Jeep was reused for the Clueless dolls a few years later.