I had a bad morning. I had to pick up an antenna I ordered from a store and my dad was mad about it as usual. And did his usual antics, and just talks over me. Why he made me order it under my name and use my info. Because he was too paranoid to put his info in the computer. Then we got in a fight about how good it was. Didn’t matter anyway we could not get it setup and I’m forced to return it. Then he went to another store and got sold a junky leaf. He better not complain it doesn’t get a lot of channels. They only sell him/recommend him that because it is one of the most expensive models they have. I figured with another sucky morning something bad was going to happen at work like me dropping sauce again.

I so want to leave my job. I hate it! It sucks there! Should I transfer somewhere else? I still got at least one more month there. And I’m not looking forward to it. My coworkers who have been there a long time were telling me that Super Bowl is the worst day of the year there. Worse than Halloween or a store closing in the area. And the manager said that I need to be down with it. Or something like that. Well I’m not and they can suck it! *does crotch chop*. Then I realized I’m back at 2 days a week for 4 hours a day. So I’m not really getting any hours. My hope was that she would not realize I was asking for the day off on Super Bowl Sunday. But she saw through that. Damn! The night manager came back. I helped her make sauce and told her about all the adventures I had at the other store. She said the manager there was the manager at the place we work at now. Put some in the fridge and did not drop it.

I was tired and wanted a break. So I got one. I was happily eating my Lunchable as usual. Thinking of calling my dad. The lights started to flicker and you could hear the sound of things shutting down. Then it started back up again and then died. Nobody knew what to do. As the power was shutting off somebody dropped a pizza by the oven. Since I live north of where I work I called home to see if there was an outage there. Outages can be funny like that. I knew if I could not call home the landline phone would not work. Since that happened to me when I saw the Glee movie. I could not call home because there was a power outage there and not at the mall/movie theater. I did reach my dad and told him what happened. He said he was using the internet. But he did hear a big explosion.

I bothered to read that in the handbook for some reason. That grooming policies and what to do if there is a robbery. I remember there being nothing about earthquakes. I guess since the company is not headquartered in an earthquake prone state it was not mentioned.

We all looked outside and could see that the lights were on at the gas station across the street and the Burger King. My coworkers said the Burger King was closed but the signs were lit up. Whatever hit us was not city wide. Then I wondered it if was behind us. The manager left and said that the whole strip mall was out. As my coworkers were trying to contact other people I was looking for some kind of coverage. A tweet, a blurb on a local news site, a mention from the power company, anything.

It was hot and stuffy in there and we were trying to find out way around the place with our cell phone flash lights. They were trying to call other stores, the franchisee lady, the person above her, and the power company. I think they miss dialed one time and got it Vietnamese.

As I washed dishes I was trying to think of a clever blog title while playing “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” in my head. The dishes looked terrible and I was washing them under my phone flashlight. If somebody asked “what happened to these dishes did you wash them in the dark?” The answer would be “yes”. The dumb guy asked me if I was afraid of the dark. I said “no”, I said that the place is so small you can find your way around there. (which I ironically mentioned in a previous blog) My thoughts wandered and I thought it would have been funny if there was local news coverage and we were interviewed. “We interviewed some workers at the local pizza restaurant.” It was out for about an hour. A little while after it came back we left.

So we all had the shared experience of working during a black out. Of all the terrible and crazy things that happened at the deli a power outage was not one of them.

I went to go look for the handbook but it is lost in my room somewhere. All the motivation to go clean it or write. Whichever comes first.