I had wanted this set a while ago when I saw it at the local Target looking for pants and 5 Surprise balls.

20200221_110004 - Copy

When I went back to the store it was gone, but I saw the set on ebay so I bought it used.

I wanted it for my baseball themed Cabbage Patch Doll Sammy who is 18 inches, but not the same proportion as an American girl type doll. I knew he could not use the wearable parts. But food is food so he could use that. Some of these items can be held in his gripping hand.

With the money I’ll pretend he got 3 beers with it. He’s old enough he was born in 1986. That’s what his birth certificate says.

Some of the items seem really small for an 18 inch doll. Like the hot dog and look like they are more suited for a fashion doll or a slightly larger doll like a 15 inch one.

20201217_213054 - Copy

With the soda and popcorn they look fine for 18 inch dolls, and look like the fashion dolls got really large portions. Super Chubby portions.

20201217_211121 - Copy
Size comparison between the 18 inch doll items and the Barbie sized items.
20210113_191543 - Copy
Hot dog comparison; Our Generation, Mi World (in the bag), hot dog bead and Creepiteria Monster High hot dog thing.
20210201_210513 - Copy
Charlie ordered a large popcorn and soda
20210201_204610 - Copy
Pennant size comparison OG on the left and CPK on the right. Look at the difference they are both for 18 inch sized dolls.
20210101_191317 - Copy
Coin size comparison with real coins.