Order is Restored…Sort Of… — January 22, 2021

Order is Restored…Sort Of…

I was happy I got out the door and was at work on time.

Why would I leave I’m already here!? Even if I did drive I would have still asked to stay for the shift I’m already here. After the shift was over I called from there to my usual store. The manager says she could not contact me. Of course they don’t have my info. Then how does the franchisee lady have it? Just another way they are screwing me over there.

What I didn’t miss; the dumb guy getting all the hours, acting like I know nothing, having to make sauce,

What I will miss from that other location; a large parking lot, the spacious place, a backdoor you can throw trash out of, a large fridge, the people, a prep sink, space to put the used pans,

What I won’t miss from that other location; the rocky/dirt parking lot, the lack of outdoor light, the narrow corridor, only one handwashing sink, the broken dish washing sink, lack of utensils, having to oil the pans with a brush,

Tried those game day Chili chips. They are really spicy to me and have a kick at the end.

10 Video Games from 2001 —

10 Video Games from 2001

Pokémon Crystal (US Release)

I liked this version cause you could be a female it. I thought she kind of looked like Casey. You know the Electabuzz baseball team fan.

Mario Party 3

Lego Island 2

Toy Story Racer

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Game Boy Advanced system

Ok not a video game but still video game related.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula

Rocket Power Gettin’ Air

Championship Motocross 2001 Featuring Ricky Carmichael

Stuart Little: The Journey Home

Vintage Doll Review — January 20, 2021

Vintage Doll Review

I was gonna write something about politics, but then changed my mind.

I’ll make this doll review short too. It’s for the Hawaiian Fun Barbie from 1990. As a kid I always wanted one, but I got the Ken from the line.

The rubber bands disintegrated in her hair, and I’m not blaming the seller or anything this happens with doll’s hair and age this doll is from 1990. It happened to a doll that I was the original owner too. I got some more to fix her hair. I’ll restyle it later I was working hard in getting the pieces out of her hair.

Just look at the uncomplicated packaging dolls used to come in back in the day. She’s a beach doll and doesn’t come with many accessories. Only a brush, the skirt, sunglasses, and the perfume.


Look at the body difference between her and the Wild Hearts Crew doll. She has the basic early 90s Barbie body with the palms to rear arms. Also the way the faces are painted. Charlie’s face looks stamped on or something.

20210120_181936 - Copy

I put this silly outfit together for her. She is a Hawaiian themed doll and the pineapple purse goes well with her. I could not get the outfit in one shot. These Wild Hearts Crew shoes were the only ones she fit in.

20210120_185224 - Copy
20210120_185229 - Copy

I realized that she is small enough to fit in the spa accessories like the eye mask and foot bath. I think she looks pretty silly in the eye mask like a superhero.

20210120_185441 - Copy
Three Small Bags — January 19, 2021

Three Small Bags

I went to the Walmart with my mom. They “claimed” there was a power outage. Well whatever it was closed. So we had to go to the Target which my mom doesn’t like as much. It used to be good but has been overrun with homeless and beggars. They are also stocking less in there. I found some good things there.

I found the things I wanted for my doll. I wanted her to have 2 things a lunch box and a backpack. I also saw the new Real Littles Handbags. I figured if I got one there was no chance for doubles. I think the bag is pretty cute. I would use this if it was bigger for me. All these things were a total of $24 without tax. I spent a lot of money there. I bought a folding chair for almost the same as these 3 toys.

20210119_095321 - Copy

The lunch bag is ok. I think the My Life As one from Walmart is cuter, but I can’t find it anywhere and you can’t order it from the website for some reason. And my store stocks very little of the My Life As items. I really wanted to get her a box instead of a bag. I think I might have a small box in my storage somewhere. The ones on places like ebay are so expensive. I’m not paying $20 for a lunchbox for a doll and it’s just the box. And a generic one too that usually came from a store filled with candy or something. I like the croissant. I have another, but it is solid.

20210119_100529 - Copy

The backpack is ok too. The sticky notes really work. I don’t know why they included this generic library card with a doll’s picture and name on it? It’s kinda silly and what if you have a doll that looks nothing like this? Who is Ayla?The pen/marker that came with it has no color on the tip like the one reviewed on this website. The backpack seems to be the same size as the Real Littles one. Except it has longer straps for the 18 inch doll to wear. It seems to be made of a cheap material like a cheap reusable grocery bag.

20210119_095833 - Copy
20210119_101950 - Copy

I’m satisfied with the handbag. Not super satisfied just more than I was with the backpacks. I think the stuff inside it was junky. I got like nothing mentioned on the back of the package. At least there is a larger variety of items. Maybe I’ll get another I’m not sure. I’m so scared I’ll get one with identical doubles. It’s nice and is a great scale for my 18 inch doll. I think it will go great with her Hello Kitty dress. Gives her that kawaii look.

20210119_100742 - Copy
20210119_101711 - Copy

I’ve been brainstorming names for my doll nothing has really stick with me. I’ve been using baby name websites and nothing.

I finally called work (the store I’m working at now) and they told me to come in on Friday. If I’m there it will be 2 weeks since my regular store closed. It closed on the 8th.

I like my 18 inch doll she keeps me chill. I was thinking about that when I was watching the “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo” music video again. I’ve been so wrapped up in crafting for her I have not been stressing about my secret hobby. Not them obliviously. They are coming off as delusional to me. Even the bitter realists. Maybe it’s because they live in the Southern US where restrictions are not as tight. The closures of public places and big gatherings really hurt them.

And trying to help the people whose parents don’t understand the appeal of this hobby.

Somewhere I Belong — January 18, 2021

Somewhere I Belong

Right before I had to leave for work I got my package of doll things. Smaller doll things. Fashion doll sized. I got a Wild Hearts Crew Charlie Lake doll. I didn’t realize these dolls were articulated. But she was half price and so was the outfit. It’s so cute! It’s called Kool Thing like the Sonic Youth song. I wonder if the people who named it did this intentionally? I really wanted Retro Hero, but that one never went on sale and when I checked back on the website it was gone. Those 2 outfits are so cute I would wear them paired up together.

20210118_163537 - Copy

At work it was pretty slow. I was stopping pizzas for a long time. Found somebody’s phone in the bathroom. Everybody I’ve worked with thinks It’s funny I call the bathroom “the toilet”. I find it more accurate. There is not a bathtub at work. I know because this happened to me before. They don’t really know what to do with me. Am I staying am I leaving? When is my store opening? The manager there told me that she would call the franchise lady to see what to do with me. And to call back later to find out. I think I’m a bit more useful that a new hire since I know how to do somethings.

I bought some food. The thing I bought also went up in price but I didn’t care. Then they were looking for some lady who wasn’t me. They were saying Mary’s order was ready, but I’m not Mary and some of the people working there know that.

My dad got his payroll hours issue cleared up. I think that he bothered them so much they gave up and did something different.

I forgot to call because I got too involved in watch a Bar Rescue marathon.

10 Foods from 1991 —

10 Foods from 1991

Grizzly Chomps

I really wanted to try these. I remember when my aunt saw the commercial she was like “That damn bear! He bit my cupcake!” They were really good and I miss them. They should bring them back. They are less calories because of the missing piece. #bringbackGrizzlyChompsfor2021

Ritz Bits Cheese

I loved eating these in college I like these better than the Peanut Butter, but they are both good.

Ritz Bits Peanut Butter

I used to eat these a lot in college.

Tiny Toons fruit snacks

I think these were made by Lipton. These were really good and I used to trade for them. But I mostly kept them for me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pudding Pies

A rare snack I never ate.

Butterfinger Ice Cream

Harvest Crisps

McDonalds McSkillet Breakfast Burrito

Mclean Deluxe

This contained seaweed

Jumpin Jack Cheese Doritos

Slice This Up as a Bad Idea — January 17, 2021

Slice This Up as a Bad Idea

When I got to work they had me pounding dough which is nothing different from what I usually do there. At first it was slow and there were not many people there. They had me taking the pizzas out of the oven and slicing them. Of course I was slow I’ve done this less than five times since I’ve worked for the company. The manager there didn’t know I don’t do that where I usually work. It got really busy and crazy then I forgot that this place was getting orders that would have been going to my store. The Chiefs’ game was also on. They had me on the phone and we got some pretty funny calls; people complaining about prices going up (the minimum wage was raised here), if we were the one by the Burger King (this is my regular location), and a bunch of other crazy things. Then some guy came in looking for a location in the neighboring city. The one closest to me.

They make stout dry bread sticks there. And use way too much flour. Too much flour makes them tough and dry and not so malleable. Some guy told me I was arranging the chicken wings in the pan wrong. Does it really matter? Rotate the pan to a different angle it’s still half and half.

I finally met my monthly 500 word quota at 503 words. I was really struggling to get those last 42 words out. I didn’t even finish that paragraph once I was over 500 I stopped. I averaged about 29.58 words. I was going to up the ante for February but that month only has 28 days this year. So next month I’m picking an unfinished chapter from the same project. That chapter I wrote this month was from scratch.

10 Books from 2001 —

10 Books from 2001

Thought I’d try something different a post a list of books. The last 3 I found in an ad for Jay McGraw books.

Chocolate For A Teen’s Heart: Unforgettable Stories for Young Women About Love, Hope, and Happiness by Kay Allenbaugh

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

Take Offs and Landings by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Girl Director: A How-to Guide for the First-time Flat-broke Film and Video Maker by Andrea Richards

Chamique: On Family, Focus, and Basketball by Chamique Holdsclaw

Big Date Hair: Charles Worthington Dream Hair Series

Crafty Girl: Cool Stuff: Things to Make and Do by Julianne Balmain

Closing The Gap: A Strategy for Bringing Parents and Teens Together

Life Strategies For Teens Workbook

Daily Life Strategies for Teens

Bizzaro Pizza — January 16, 2021

Bizzaro Pizza

Got up early to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons. I had to get up early for work anyway. This week they showed 2 Droopy ones including; Senior Droopy. I always liked that one as a kid. Where he is with the live action lady at the end.

I realized that working there is like a Bizzaro version of where I usually work. It’s spacious, the workers are polite, the place is organized, they get pans when they need them, the layout is the opposite of where I usually work. And which people are the Bizzaro version of the people I usually work with.

Some of the people when they see or meet me they think I’m just a new employee or something. One girl was telling me about how she thought the place I worked at was and that thought it was bigger on the inside. I told her it’s small and hot in there. And how you can throw a pizza in the oven by taking a step and turning around. I figured out a new way to top pizzas. Putting on the pepperoni. If I do the pizza “on it’s side” I can line up the toppings and they align better. She made a bunch of pizzas and I could not keep up with topping them. I thought they were going to get a lot of orders for the Rams game. I didn’t mention it to anybody in case they freaked out since I don’t know them well. I ordered a pizza without pepperoni and she asks me if I’m a vegetarian. I say “No, I just don’t like pepperoni”. I eat all the other meat toppings they sell there.

I had some time to wait so I realized I haven’t been writing for the past few days. I didn’t get to write much since I only had a few minutes before I had to clock in. But getting some words down is getting some words down. I don’t care if they suck. I’m still playing with the idea of 1000 words a month with is 34 words a day. I also want to mention that working on my blog does not count towards the word count for the month. It has to be a separate project. I don’t really count my decade list things blogs anyway since they are usually just a list. I’m so close I’m at 491. I’m averaging a little more than 30 words a day more like 30.6.

My mom agreed that it is the Bizzaro version.

10 Video Games from 1991 —