10 More Foods from 1991 — February 27, 2021

10 More Foods from 1991

Chicken Fajitas at Mc Donald’s

Peanut Butter Snickers

Hulk Hogan Vitamins

Butterfinger ice cream bars

Urkel O’s cereal

I remember going to the local Woolworth’s and they had a bunch of it on sale in 1992.

Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt

Twix Chocolate Fudge Bar

Chocolate Riesen candy in the US

I loved the dubbed commercial. “Storck Chocolate Riesen Mrs. Lange” They used to show it all the time when I used to watch Family Feud. I love they candy too although my teeth can’t handle it like they used to.

Kid Cuisine Mega Meals

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pasta

Welcome New Manager — February 26, 2021

Welcome New Manager

I really like that Young Rock show. His dad acts a little like my dad. Bragging about how great he was in the past and bragging about his child’s accomplishments that are fake. Like when my dad bragged I knew all the planets in the solar system in kindergarten. I never truly mastered those until 6th grade or so. Thank you Sailor Moon.

I was putting me feelers out looking for a job on Craigslist. There was not much there like I expected. There was an opening for Outback Steakhouse. They wanted somebody with 2 years restaurant experience. I want to work my way up to sit down dining. Or stay in the realm of pizza. Either a place similar to mine or a fast casual place.

I was hoping that the manager would not be some snobby girl who was training to be a manger who always bragged about going to college, and all the evils of corporate America. Look I went to college and graduated with an AS you don’t need to brag about going to college every 10 minutes. Come to think of it she never said where she went to college or if she even graduated.

Luckily when I got there it was not her. It was somebody else. Then I remembered I was not wearing my name tag. I quickly panicked and put it on. I usually keep it in my pocket. I use to show I’m using the bathroom. You know I have an irrational fear or name tags. When I signed into the ordering system she left a little heartfelt message about being our new manager. I’m like ok that’s nice. There was a language barrier problem between me and the lady trying to make a order. I didn’t want to think I was inept at taking orders. I didn’t interact with her much so I could not get a feel for her. People kept ordering weird things. It was me a quirky girl for a long time topping pizzas. It was ok I guess.

After I thought about it while waiting for my dad to pick me up from work. I know exactly what to spend my money on instead of a $100 hobbyist class. Why couldn’t I see it before?! Driving lessons! It’s more expensive than that class, but it will be much more beneficial to me in the long run. Oh yeah and I need another permit since mine expired during the lockdown. Driving first then hobby. I could still get more items just not classes.

10 More Movies from 1991 —
No Refunds! (Retail Therapy) — February 23, 2021

No Refunds! (Retail Therapy)

I’ve been trying to up my secret hobby game. I need more a lot more. Supplies, education credibility and everything in between. So I had been looking into that $100 class for a week or so now. I though I need it so badly I should just sign up and say “Fuck it! I’m doing this!” Then I saw on the website “no refunds”. They used to offer them for their in person classes. I guess because it’s virtual they don’t? This is really hurting them and upsetting me. Damn!

That I should take that $100 and buy myself some other related items, but not education. I know $100 could buy me so much. Maybe I should do that. I could really use that $100 to buy some non hobby things like some things for my room or just save it. Save it? That would be a foolish thought.

The Management Shuffle — February 20, 2021

The Management Shuffle

I thought it was going to be busy at work there were 2 people missing and there was a Laker game on. But they didn’t and I was told to go home because it was slow.

The manager and I went over my performance evaluation. the one from June and a new one she wrote. She said I make bread too slow. Either you want them fast or good looking you can’t have both. Pizza topping is easy. I treat the pepperoni like they are playing cards. If they are cold and flat enough. Topping with other foods like pineapple and sausage is a little harder. Sauce and cheese is a bit harder. I try to cover up a bad sauce job with some cheese. Sometimes they catch it and sometimes they don’t.

It was the manager’s last day. I asked if she was leaving the company. So she is gone to another location. I asked if neck tattoo guy was getting promoted and taking her place. She said someone else is coming. So we were at the same location for about the same time. Maybe a month longer. Please don’t bring new people in under a management change it confuses the hell out of people. I know from experience.

Makes sense an internet psychic video said a new person was going to come into my life.

10 More Movies from 2001 —

10 More Movies from 2001

Freddy got Fingered

Tom Green’s first movie.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

My friends who played the games were so pumped for the movie, and they liked it



This movie was supposed help bring back 1980s fashion and sliver arm glitter cream?

3000 Miles to Graceland


Domestic Disturbance

Sweet November


Vanilla Sky

Cuts You Up — February 19, 2021

Cuts You Up

Yesterday I got in a big fight with my parents. I’m not bragging about this it relates to something later in the blog.

I don’t like that quirky girl. She does the wandering trick. All she wants to do is make bread. That should be her song. ♪All she wants to do is, All she wants to do is make bread♪ She takes all the easy jobs. Making bread and topping pizzas. Why do they put 3 people topping the pizzas and have me or some other person my themself pounding dough? They can never really catch up unless it gets slow. That makes no sense! In the words of my father “IT’S NOT LOGICAL!”

The night manager came in for her shift and greeted me. Then when she saw me she said I looked sad. I thought “Night manager you know me so well”, but I didn’t say that to her.

Neck tattoo guy had me go home early again. I joked with the night manager that I could go home and catch a good chunk of wrestling, My dad was so pissed off that I only got 3 hours. I don’t control that. Why does he care? He does not even work there. No matter what I gotta leave this job.

10 More TV Shows from 1991 —

10 More TV Shows from 1991

Where in World is Carmen Sandiego?

It’s no secret I loved this show as a child and still enjoy watching reruns online. I have written numerous blogs about this show here an on my old livejournal account. Here is a screen cap of Greg from season 1 from the episode The Return of Dracula’s Castle. Which was probably the closest thing that show had to a Halloween episode.



I never really liked this cartoon. By 1994 it seemed really dated.

Little Shop


This show was very topical for it’s time. I didn’t get that the last names were oil companies. We don”t have Sinclair and Hess around here. I missed the finale first run cause I was moving. “Not the MAMA!” “We’re going to need another Timmy!” I remember my neighbors claiming they had the “single” of “I’m the Baby (Gotta Love Me).”

Where’s Waldo cartoon

Aeon Flux

The Adventures of Tin Tin


I watched this occasionally on Qubo. I thought the pig character was cute.

Back to the Future cartoon

I never watched this cartoon, I didn’t even watch this when 4KidsTV reran it. The science segments at the end helped Bill Nye get his own tv show.

Land of the Lost

The 1991 version with the family traveling by Jeep. I didn’t like this version very much.

The End of Are-Oh-Vee — February 17, 2021

The End of Are-Oh-Vee

On February, 10, 2001 I was watching the penultimate episode of Are-Oh-Vee, but I didn’t know that yet. Until I saw this message.


I started noticing the quality of the show was declining in the fall of 2000. There were less and less new episodes like about one or two a month. They got rid of the theme song. There was a voice over that said “You are watching the Launch Music Video Network brought to you by launch.com and now here’s Are-Oh-Vee.”


After a while all the other Launch shows were gone and only Are-Oh-Vee remained.  Then they had a new opening theme with the song “Darlin’ of the Discotheque” by Pizzicato Five.


This music video clip is from the opening. Does anybody recognize what it is?


My diary entry about episode #499 from February, 10, 2001 

Titled: “the Horrible News

“Today while I was watching Are-Oh-Vee they said next week is their final show. I don’t want it to be so all my videos are gone. When I saw them post that I wanted to cry. I feel really sad. If they go off almost all my videos are gone. I hope it’s just a joke or something. I don’t know what to do.”

The final episode was hosted by Diana. Who I had not seen on the show in a while. She interviewed the band Suburban Legends. They played a lot music videos of local bands. They played 12 videos. They showed were a clip of the Sliver Skull from a 1998 episode. During the concert calendar they played “Goodbye Goodbye” by Oingo Boingo. The show was still under the Launch branding.


List of videos from the final show: 

1 Big Sandy and His Fly right boys “My Sinful Days are Over”

2 Save Ferris – “The World is New”

3 Aquabats – Super Rad!”

4 Man or Astro-Man? – “9 volt”

5 Supernova – “Math”

6 The Killingtons – “Best I Know”

7 Square – F.A.A. (live)

8 Pavement – “Stereo”

9 Possum Dixon – “Nerves”

10 No Doubt – “Trapped in a Box”

11 Jeffries Fan Club – “Milk”

12 Reel Big Fish – “Sell Out” and last video on the show

This was Diana’s final message, “Now we’ve got to go Are-Oh-Vee has got to stop now and to all and to all of the Are-Oh-Vee watchers out there you’ve just witnessed the very last episode of Are-Oh-Vee. After 13 years we would like to thank you for being so dedicated and so wonderful and we hope that you don’t miss us too much but keep the rock alive so we won’t see you next time.” (I had to transcribe this)


This is my diary entry about the last show from February, 17, 2001

Title “Like some old friends are gone”

“Well it’s a week later and I feel sad SO sad I really wanted to cry but couldn’t now since my videos are gone I’m gonna get a job back in December I said If my videos were gone I’d get a job because I don’t want to spend my Friday Nights alone at home I have nothing to look foreward to. I’d rather be making money and then buying overpriced clothes I taped the whole show it was good for a final episode It’s just so sad it’s gone I’m really gonna miss it. I tried to cry but couldn’t They played a clip from the show when the Silver Skull took over it was fun back then they showed a lot of good videos including A No Doubt one “Trapped in A Box” of course can’t go wrong with a classic. Diana hosted the show I mean I’m gonna miss all of them Diana, Shane, Timmy and Phone Guy they were like friends to me and they touched my life for 2 years and 5 months. I was an avid fan and preputal watcher ever since the first time I ever saw it I watched it every week faithfully through the good and bad. And most of the time I wasn’t dissapointed Are-Oh-Vee was a big influence in my life even though it was only there for a small amount of time.”

After the show was officially cancelled. There were reruns into March. I thought it was going to be replaced with infomercials or a shopping channel or something.

According to G. Scott the shows are now property of Yahoo.

I found this archived version of the Are-Oh-Vee website from February 2001.


The Little Details — February 16, 2021

The Little Details

I saw the cartoon Symphony in Slang on Toon in with Me this morning. One of my favorite non Tom and Jerry, Spike and Tyke or Droopy MGM cartoons as a kid. I used to wonder why my local foothills did not look like the ones in the cartoon.

I got another Real Littles handbags. I got a different one than the rainbow one. They had a lot of different styles, but I didn’t want to be fooled by a translucent one. That I could see some of the accessories in I wanted an opaque bag. I decided on this one with a bow on it.

20210216_110507 - Copy

The rainbow bag has to be the cutest in the collection IMHO.

20210216_110631 - Copy

This bag had bow themed accessories besides the generic ones they also had. I think they all come with this book. The brush is tiny and more sized for a Barbie.

20210217_211709 - Copy

I saw they had more mini backpacks too. I thought these were the SOS backpacks. But they are not this one said they could have a glitter ruler! It’s a very nice bag.

20210216_110736 - Copy
20210216_110744 - Copy

I like it a little more than the first series of these. I was not going to be fooled and only got one backpack.

20210216_110936 - Copy

I want to see if the notebook is the same size as the one that came with the 18 inch doll backpack set. I got another candy shaped marker and the pen really writes. The accessories seem themed to the bag/backpack. The winged bag, winged pen, and gold notebook. More than the random generic items they threw in the backpacks in series 1. Then as I bought them I thought -$15.

I love the gum and the glitter ruler they look like old school supplies I had in the 1980s. School supplies were so kawaii back then. And you could get them for cheap and like everywhere.

20210217_212021 - Copy
20210216_111238 - Copy
My vintage mini glitter ruler with the Real Littles glitter ruler.

I took the shift only cause I need the hours to pay for that online class I want. I think? I still need to test out if I can get the program they use to work on my computer. That first and then save up.

Neck tattoo guy got mad because I was not washing dishes. I was not trying to get out of dish washing but if all the other people are there slicing pizzas who is going to make the pizzas to put into the oven? It was not too bad of a shift another manager was there with me.

Get ready for a epic blog to be posted tomorrow.