I had a strange dream about a mummified puppy and forged money.

I got a call from neck tattoo guy to come into work. Like I said still don’t trust the guy. It went down like how it did on St. Patrick’s day except something was different. He was talking in a stilted manner again. Something seems off with him. He didn’t used to talk like that before. This is how his call went “Hi…this is (neck tattoo guy)… from (place I work)… are you … available … to work… from 5-8?” Good thing my dad was not in the house to hear it. He would have gotten mad and made me come in. I was planning on binge watching Bar Rescue. Plus I don’t wanna deal with that guy as much as I can.

Then at like 7PM I get another call from work. I thought it was them being very desperate and said that they wanted me to come in. It was the manager who said I needed to fill out online. I had been trying to get it to work for weeks. She needed it by today. The worst thing was my computer and internet was slow! 😤 The reason it didn’t work was that somebody told me to sign into the site wrong. I did get it to work eventually. Then when I was getting instructions on it I accidentally hung up on them trying to check the time on my phone.

I’m so sick of people telling other people their problems don’t matter. You are having a conversation with your friend Sally IRL and you tell her you lost you job and you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills. And she says back there are starving children all over the world. Trying to make your problem seem insignificant. I remembered one time I was watching a talk show as a kid and there was this lady on there with a lot of problems. All they could tell the lady was at least she was alive and breathing. That is your solution? Or my favorite one your problem is all in your mind.

Like I’ve said before I need some legitimacy in my secret hobby. And taking an online class and getting a certificate would be so great and helpful. That communications degree did me nothing. And do what with it? A glorified coaster? That certificate would immediately get framed and put on a wall. I’m really considering it. Sure it is expensive and I would have to work 6.66 hours to afford it. So maybe I should start taking extra shifts when I can? Or inspect my tech specks to see if I can do it. No need playing for it when I don’t have the right tech to take the class. Maybe I can tell them I paid like 1/4 of the price or something?