I know this entry sucks, but I had spent most of last week working on my special blog posted for tomorrow. I didn’t have time to fix it up. And they called me in for work today and I have to miss that show about the Rock.

Sawga the Chinese Siamese Cat

This show was ok they used to show it early Saturday mornings. I would watch it when I couldn’t sleep.

Invader Zim

I know this is a cult classic, but I have never seen it. Maybe I should watch it. My cousin was Gir one Halloween.

Death of XFL

This was if (American) football and WWF in the Attitude era had a baby. Peeking at cheerleaders in the locker room? My dad thought the custom names were silly. He Hate Me? Most of the good players were in the NFL so these were people who were not drafted or cut from the pro teams. He said the rules kept changing and it was hard to follow. One game pushed an airing of Saturday Night Live Lorne Micheals was very mad about this. This was back when SNL was time delayed in your respective timezone. It aired at 11:30PM on tape delay locally. The league lasted one season and then died. When The Rock said that football was back in LA. And then gone again for 15 years not counting the arena teams. They had a team in Las Vegas way before the Raiders moved there. The teams had silly names like the Hitmen and the Outlaws. Wait or were they references to wrestlers? 🤔 I remember my cousin got a bunch of discounted XFL stuff after the league folded at the sports store at the local mall. That was the store you would go to buy your matching outfits for the Sadie Hawkins themed dances because the themes were college one year and sports another year. Maybe my school should have thrown an XFL themed Sadie Hawkins dance? They were always up for dumb themed school events. We had a homecoming that was themed around fast food restaurants. There are plenty of videos and articles about why it died in 2001.

The Oblongs

I liked this show I thought it was funny.

Weakest Link

My French teacher was really into this show. We used to play a version of it in French class. I think she didn’t like that I was savvy to game show tropes. Before I even knew what tropes were. She was stern and bitchy so it was like a perfect Anne Robinson impersonation. The teacher would also say “You are the weakest link. Goodbye!” in English.


I really liked this show and used to skip class in college to watch it. I didn’t care my math teacher sucked anyway.

Maybe it’s Me

My little cousin and I liked this show. Our little inside joke used to be “‘PP’ on grandpa’s shirt”

The Mummy : The Animated Series

Popstars USA

This show gave us Eden’s Crush and Nicole Schrezinger.

One on One

There is a reference to this show in a future blog I hope to write.