I saw the cartoon Symphony in Slang on Toon in with Me this morning. One of my favorite non Tom and Jerry, Spike and Tyke or Droopy MGM cartoons as a kid. I used to wonder why my local foothills did not look like the ones in the cartoon.

I got another Real Littles handbags. I got a different one than the rainbow one. They had a lot of different styles, but I didn’t want to be fooled by a translucent one. That I could see some of the accessories in I wanted an opaque bag. I decided on this one with a bow on it.

20210216_110507 - Copy

The rainbow bag has to be the cutest in the collection IMHO.

20210216_110631 - Copy

This bag had bow themed accessories besides the generic ones they also had. I think they all come with this book. The brush is tiny and more sized for a Barbie.

20210217_211709 - Copy

I saw they had more mini backpacks too. I thought these were the SOS backpacks. But they are not this one said they could have a glitter ruler! It’s a very nice bag.

20210216_110736 - Copy
20210216_110744 - Copy

I like it a little more than the first series of these. I was not going to be fooled and only got one backpack.

20210216_110936 - Copy

I want to see if the notebook is the same size as the one that came with the 18 inch doll backpack set. I got another candy shaped marker and the pen really writes. The accessories seem themed to the bag/backpack. The winged bag, winged pen, and gold notebook. More than the random generic items they threw in the backpacks in series 1. Then as I bought them I thought -$15.

I love the gum and the glitter ruler they look like old school supplies I had in the 1980s. School supplies were so kawaii back then. And you could get them for cheap and like everywhere.

20210217_212021 - Copy
20210216_111238 - Copy
My vintage mini glitter ruler with the Real Littles glitter ruler.

I took the shift only cause I need the hours to pay for that online class I want. I think? I still need to test out if I can get the program they use to work on my computer. That first and then save up.

Neck tattoo guy got mad because I was not washing dishes. I was not trying to get out of dish washing but if all the other people are there slicing pizzas who is going to make the pizzas to put into the oven? It was not too bad of a shift another manager was there with me.

Get ready for a epic blog to be posted tomorrow.