On February, 10, 2001 I was watching the penultimate episode of Are-Oh-Vee, but I didn’t know that yet. Until I saw this message.


I started noticing the quality of the show was declining in the fall of 2000. There were less and less new episodes like about one or two a month. They got rid of the theme song. There was a voice over that said “You are watching the Launch Music Video Network brought to you by launch.com and now here’s Are-Oh-Vee.”


After a while all the other Launch shows were gone and only Are-Oh-Vee remained.  Then they had a new opening theme with the song “Darlin’ of the Discotheque” by Pizzicato Five.


This music video clip is from the opening. Does anybody recognize what it is?


My diary entry about episode #499 from February, 10, 2001 

Titled: “the Horrible News

“Today while I was watching Are-Oh-Vee they said next week is their final show. I don’t want it to be so all my videos are gone. When I saw them post that I wanted to cry. I feel really sad. If they go off almost all my videos are gone. I hope it’s just a joke or something. I don’t know what to do.”

The final episode was hosted by Diana. Who I had not seen on the show in a while. She interviewed the band Suburban Legends. They played a lot music videos of local bands. They played 12 videos. They showed were a clip of the Sliver Skull from a 1998 episode. During the concert calendar they played “Goodbye Goodbye” by Oingo Boingo. The show was still under the Launch branding.


List of videos from the final show: 

1 Big Sandy and His Fly right boys “My Sinful Days are Over”

2 Save Ferris – “The World is New”

3 Aquabats – Super Rad!”

4 Man or Astro-Man? – “9 volt”

5 Supernova – “Math”

6 The Killingtons – “Best I Know”

7 Square – F.A.A. (live)

8 Pavement – “Stereo”

9 Possum Dixon – “Nerves”

10 No Doubt – “Trapped in a Box”

11 Jeffries Fan Club – “Milk”

12 Reel Big Fish – “Sell Out” and last video on the show

This was Diana’s final message, “Now we’ve got to go Are-Oh-Vee has got to stop now and to all and to all of the Are-Oh-Vee watchers out there you’ve just witnessed the very last episode of Are-Oh-Vee. After 13 years we would like to thank you for being so dedicated and so wonderful and we hope that you don’t miss us too much but keep the rock alive so we won’t see you next time.” (I had to transcribe this)


This is my diary entry about the last show from February, 17, 2001

Title “Like some old friends are gone”

“Well it’s a week later and I feel sad SO sad I really wanted to cry but couldn’t now since my videos are gone I’m gonna get a job back in December I said If my videos were gone I’d get a job because I don’t want to spend my Friday Nights alone at home I have nothing to look foreward to. I’d rather be making money and then buying overpriced clothes I taped the whole show it was good for a final episode It’s just so sad it’s gone I’m really gonna miss it. I tried to cry but couldn’t They played a clip from the show when the Silver Skull took over it was fun back then they showed a lot of good videos including A No Doubt one “Trapped in A Box” of course can’t go wrong with a classic. Diana hosted the show I mean I’m gonna miss all of them Diana, Shane, Timmy and Phone Guy they were like friends to me and they touched my life for 2 years and 5 months. I was an avid fan and preputal watcher ever since the first time I ever saw it I watched it every week faithfully through the good and bad. And most of the time I wasn’t dissapointed Are-Oh-Vee was a big influence in my life even though it was only there for a small amount of time.”

After the show was officially cancelled. There were reruns into March. I thought it was going to be replaced with infomercials or a shopping channel or something.

According to G. Scott the shows are now property of Yahoo.

I found this archived version of the Are-Oh-Vee website from February 2001.