Yesterday I got in a big fight with my parents. I’m not bragging about this it relates to something later in the blog.

I don’t like that quirky girl. She does the wandering trick. All she wants to do is make bread. That should be her song. ♪All she wants to do is, All she wants to do is make bread♪ She takes all the easy jobs. Making bread and topping pizzas. Why do they put 3 people topping the pizzas and have me or some other person my themself pounding dough? They can never really catch up unless it gets slow. That makes no sense! In the words of my father “IT’S NOT LOGICAL!”

The night manager came in for her shift and greeted me. Then when she saw me she said I looked sad. I thought “Night manager you know me so well”, but I didn’t say that to her.

Neck tattoo guy had me go home early again. I joked with the night manager that I could go home and catch a good chunk of wrestling, My dad was so pissed off that I only got 3 hours. I don’t control that. Why does he care? He does not even work there. No matter what I gotta leave this job.