I thought it was going to be busy at work there were 2 people missing and there was a Laker game on. But they didn’t and I was told to go home because it was slow.

The manager and I went over my performance evaluation. the one from June and a new one she wrote. She said I make bread too slow. Either you want them fast or good looking you can’t have both. Pizza topping is easy. I treat the pepperoni like they are playing cards. If they are cold and flat enough. Topping with other foods like pineapple and sausage is a little harder. Sauce and cheese is a bit harder. I try to cover up a bad sauce job with some cheese. Sometimes they catch it and sometimes they don’t.

It was the manager’s last day. I asked if she was leaving the company. So she is gone to another location. I asked if neck tattoo guy was getting promoted and taking her place. She said someone else is coming. So we were at the same location for about the same time. Maybe a month longer. Please don’t bring new people in under a management change it confuses the hell out of people. I know from experience.

Makes sense an internet psychic video said a new person was going to come into my life.