I really like that Young Rock show. His dad acts a little like my dad. Bragging about how great he was in the past and bragging about his child’s accomplishments that are fake. Like when my dad bragged I knew all the planets in the solar system in kindergarten. I never truly mastered those until 6th grade or so. Thank you Sailor Moon.

I was putting me feelers out looking for a job on Craigslist. There was not much there like I expected. There was an opening for Outback Steakhouse. They wanted somebody with 2 years restaurant experience. I want to work my way up to sit down dining. Or stay in the realm of pizza. Either a place similar to mine or a fast casual place.

I was hoping that the manager would not be some snobby girl who was training to be a manger who always bragged about going to college, and all the evils of corporate America. Look I went to college and graduated with an AS you don’t need to brag about going to college every 10 minutes. Come to think of it she never said where she went to college or if she even graduated.

Luckily when I got there it was not her. It was somebody else. Then I remembered I was not wearing my name tag. I quickly panicked and put it on. I usually keep it in my pocket. I use to show I’m using the bathroom. You know I have an irrational fear or name tags. When I signed into the ordering system she left a little heartfelt message about being our new manager. I’m like ok that’s nice. There was a language barrier problem between me and the lady trying to make a order. I didn’t want to think I was inept at taking orders. I didn’t interact with her much so I could not get a feel for her. People kept ordering weird things. It was me a quirky girl for a long time topping pizzas. It was ok I guess.

After I thought about it while waiting for my dad to pick me up from work. I know exactly what to spend my money on instead of a $100 hobbyist class. Why couldn’t I see it before?! Driving lessons! It’s more expensive than that class, but it will be much more beneficial to me in the long run. Oh yeah and I need another permit since mine expired during the lockdown. Driving first then hobby. I could still get more items just not classes.