10 More TV Shows from 2001 — February 16, 2021

10 More TV Shows from 2001

I know this entry sucks, but I had spent most of last week working on my special blog posted for tomorrow. I didn’t have time to fix it up. And they called me in for work today and I have to miss that show about the Rock.

Sawga the Chinese Siamese Cat

This show was ok they used to show it early Saturday mornings. I would watch it when I couldn’t sleep.

Invader Zim

I know this is a cult classic, but I have never seen it. Maybe I should watch it. My cousin was Gir one Halloween.

Death of XFL

This was if (American) football and WWF in the Attitude era had a baby. Peeking at cheerleaders in the locker room? My dad thought the custom names were silly. He Hate Me? Most of the good players were in the NFL so these were people who were not drafted or cut from the pro teams. He said the rules kept changing and it was hard to follow. One game pushed an airing of Saturday Night Live Lorne Micheals was very mad about this. This was back when SNL was time delayed in your respective timezone. It aired at 11:30PM on tape delay locally. The league lasted one season and then died. When The Rock said that football was back in LA. And then gone again for 15 years not counting the arena teams. They had a team in Las Vegas way before the Raiders moved there. The teams had silly names like the Hitmen and the Outlaws. Wait or were they references to wrestlers? ๐Ÿค” I remember my cousin got a bunch of discounted XFL stuff after the league folded at the sports store at the local mall. That was the store you would go to buy your matching outfits for the Sadie Hawkins themed dances because the themes were college one year and sports another year. Maybe my school should have thrown an XFL themed Sadie Hawkins dance? They were always up for dumb themed school events. We had a homecoming that was themed around fast food restaurants. There are plenty of videos and articles about why it died in 2001.

The Oblongs

I liked this show I thought it was funny.

Weakest Link

My French teacher was really into this show. We used to play a version of it in French class. I think she didn’t like that I was savvy to game show tropes. Before I even knew what tropes were. She was stern and bitchy so it was like a perfect Anne Robinson impersonation. The teacher would also say “You are the weakest link. Goodbye!” in English.


I really liked this show and used to skip class in college to watch it. I didn’t care my math teacher sucked anyway.

Maybe it’s Me

My little cousin and I liked this show. Our little inside joke used to be “‘PP’ on grandpa’s shirt”

The Mummy : The Animated Series

Popstars USA

This show gave us Eden’s Crush and Nicole Schrezinger.

One on One

There is a reference to this show in a future blog I hope to write.

Last Call — February 15, 2021

Last Call

I had a strange dream about a mummified puppy and forged money.

I got a call from neck tattoo guy to come into work. Like I said still don’t trust the guy. It went down like how it did on St. Patrick’s day except something was different. He was talking in a stilted manner again. Something seems off with him. He didn’t used to talk like that before. This is how his call went “Hi…this is (neck tattoo guy)… from (place I work)… are you … available … to work… from 5-8?” Good thing my dad was not in the house to hear it. He would have gotten mad and made me come in. I was planning on binge watching Bar Rescue. Plus I don’t wanna deal with that guy as much as I can.

Then at like 7PM I get another call from work. I thought it was them being very desperate and said that they wanted me to come in. It was the manager who said I needed to fill out online. I had been trying to get it to work for weeks. She needed it by today. The worst thing was my computer and internet was slow! ๐Ÿ˜ค The reason it didn’t work was that somebody told me to sign into the site wrong. I did get it to work eventually. Then when I was getting instructions on it I accidentally hung up on them trying to check the time on my phone.

I’m so sick of people telling other people their problems don’t matter. You are having a conversation with your friend Sally IRL and you tell her you lost you job and you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills. And she says back there are starving children all over the world. Trying to make your problem seem insignificant. I remembered one time I was watching a talk show as a kid and there was this lady on there with a lot of problems. All they could tell the lady was at least she was alive and breathing. That is your solution? Or my favorite one your problem is all in your mind.

Like I’ve said before I need some legitimacy in my secret hobby. And taking an online class and getting a certificate would be so great and helpful. That communications degree did me nothing. And do what with it? A glorified coaster? That certificate would immediately get framed and put on a wall. I’m really considering it. Sure it is expensive and I would have to work 6.66 hours to afford it. So maybe I should start taking extra shifts when I can? Or inspect my tech specks to see if I can do it. No need playing for it when I don’t have the right tech to take the class. Maybe I can tell them I paid like 1/4 of the price or something?

Red and White Bears — February 14, 2021

Red and White Bears

They didn’t mind that I found the mini chocolate boxes I got them for .45ยข. And they had pictured of Paw Patrol characters on them.

I had a dream about the Usos from the WWE. Both of them were there and I was in the ring and Jey put me in a headlock.

I got to eat my red and white Valentines Haribo bears. They were so hard to find this year. I had to buy a big box of them.

NASCAR proposed the Valentine’s Day themed cartoons on Fox. The crash at the end was pretty interesting. The whole history of how it was invented is pretty interesting. How it ties in to prohibition and is very American. I caught the last 10 minutes of Family Guy. There was a joke about a car that looked like a cartoon bomb.

I think they don’t need me as much at work now that football season is over.

It Looks to Be Permanent — February 13, 2021

It Looks to Be Permanent

He talks a little different than he did before. He talks very slowly with big pauses. Once he gives the insults he’s a smooth talker.

I was asking neck tattoo guy if there were more dishes to wash. Then told me to go home. I was like ok. I didn’t care. I knew he was gonna make me come home early. I said goodbye to the night manager. The night manager was mad. She said if that happens again to tell her. I saw she wearing a rose quartz stone on a necklace. That is a good stone to wear to protect against bullies.

When I looked at his tattoo (not on his neck) I thought it was a teddy bear at first, but when I looked closer I saw it was Little Bear.I remembered about Don’t Trust the B. in Apartment 23 when June had the mean coworker and Chloe said she would have a tattoo of a cartoon character. The show was right about a mean coworker having a cartoon tattoo. Although it’s not Fred Flintstone. His neck tattoo is pretty cartoony too.

10 More Songs from 1991 —

10 More Songs from 1991

“Losing My Religion” by REM

“Cream” by Prince & The New Power Generation

“Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

“Rush Rush” by Paula Abdul

“Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch featuring Loleatta Holloway

“Addam’s Groove” by MC Hammer

“Until She Comes” by the Psychedelic Furs

“My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style” by Dream Warriors

“Chorus” by Erasure

“Ten Little Girls” by Curve

As Far As I Can Throw You — February 12, 2021

As Far As I Can Throw You

Earlier this week I tried to watch Miranda. It was a terrible show. A little better than Call me Kat but not that much. Didn’t finish watching the first episode. Not sure if I will.

Then I remembered every time I got in trouble at work when I first came to work there. It was neck tattoo guy. When they lost my pizza, making bread incorrectly, ruining my St. Patrick’s day, putting the cheese away wrong (last week), and probably some things I forget. It was always second hand information. Somebody else said I made the trouble. He would tell me things like “(name of manger) said you were talking back.” Plus he would talk down to me and make all the tasks I had to do a trick question. Like when he told me to make the bread and never told me that the dough press had 2 settings. Then got mad at me because I did it wrong. If he pulls that shit on me again I’ll quit on the spot. I don’t care what my parents think. Well especially my father.

When I get there I see neck tattoo guys name is written on the schedule. Other name of a manager scratched out and his written in. Shit! After I thought about it I remembered that the internet psychics told me February is going to be a bad month. You know what I did to get rid of the guy last time? A bully freeze spell. My mom found those in the freezer and threw them out. She doesn’t like me doing magick in the freezer. I’m going to see if I can find a different spell or work with something else.

Then there was no ham I said I would prep it. He acted like I didn’t know how to prep ham and when he gave me the task talked down to me. While I was playing “Head Like a Hole” in my head.

My lush coworker doesn’t know that neck tattoo guy and I don’t get along.

Meh. I got home early enough to watch half of Smackdown. I knew he was going to have me go home early. He still thinks I’m that new incompetent person who used to work there in March of 2020 who was good for doing nothing more than pound dough for my 2 hour minimum shift.

10 More Songs from 2001 —

10 More Songs from 2001

“Movies” by Alien Ant Farm

There are 2 versions of the music video.

“We Right Here” by DMX

“Lay Low” by Snoop Dogg

“Alive” by P.O.D.

“Everything Hits at Once” by Spoon

I like the animation style of this video.

“Hash Pipe” by Weezer

“Fallin'” by Alicia Keys

“All For You” by Janet Jackson

“Drops of Jupiter” by Train

“Stuttering (You Don’t Say)” by Wild Orchid

This was the only single from their album “Fire”, and no music video was produced.

Blocking from Far Away — February 9, 2021

Blocking from Far Away

I was a block away from the store. And it was like 8:30AM I get a call from work if I can come in a half hour. First off I said I was not available until 9:30AM and I was worried that I was going to get stuck working with that guy who goofs off and watched anime. Doing shit jobs like making sauce by myself with no help. Luckily I was with my mom. My dad would have lectured me about coming in all the times they call me, and then turned the car around. I asked my mom if she was going to do that. She said I don’t work there. What do you want to do? I told her I was not going in. She said that the manager who called sounded dead. I was more interested in buying soda and fruit snacks. I might have done it if I was just leaving the house or down the street from where I live.

I got 2 DVDs at the dollar store. Tom and Jerry Mouseketeers cartoons, and Dic Care Bears. Those cartoons are ok. Not as good as the Nelvana ones. The 1985 Dic ones only lasted 1 season. And it has all the Dic sound effects and music you know and love from their earlier shows like Heathcliff and The Get Along Gang. I told my mom this could be like some kind of cartoon block in the 80s. “Hey kids watch those cute little Care Bears then after that stay tuned for that crazy duo Tom and Jerry.”

I’m working hard on an upcoming blog. It’s going to be posted near Valentines Day, but it is not about that holiday. I needed some research. So that is my blog teaser.

You’re Gonna Have A Bad Month — February 8, 2021

You’re Gonna Have A Bad Month

I think the month is going to be bad the psychics on the internet told me it would be. Yes you read that right psychics; plural.

I saw there was a hobbyist online education class. They are charging $100 for a 4 hour class. That is $25 an hour for the class. And that is the cheapest one. Maybe it is a good value, so they say? ๐Ÿค”

My dad was mad about the computers going down at his work. Why is this my problem? I don’t control this.

Not So Cruddy Sunday — February 7, 2021

Not So Cruddy Sunday

I think the dream I had yesterday symbolized the fear I have about Super Bowl Sunday. My fear of it and the easy going-ness my pen pal represents to me. That he doesn’t let little things bother him. I’m highly neurotic and I knows that by the inane things I write to him. Like when we get stuck when another store closes and the night manager wonders how I keep cool. I just think about how terrible the deli was and my pen pal. Only because it was cramped and brought back bad memories from the deli.

Later I was ready to get into a flame war with one of those snobby hobbyists. But I thought I was going to have a stressful day later at work so I decided to go to bed. If I was not scheduled to work in the evening I would have really argued with that guy.

When I get there I see I guy I don’t recognize. I might forget a face, but I don’t forget a neck. Or should I say a tattooed neck? His neck tattoos are very distinctive. He didn’t have that stupid hair cut he used to have. It was something like a mullet but not. I just remember him not tying up his long hair and just letting it stick out of the space between the adjustable Velcro and the caps we wear. And they never told him anything or this other guy who had really long hair and never tied it up. It was so sexist.

His appearance was worse than the rush of customers that never came. I arrived while the game was going on. I was really mad I thought he was going to try and trick me. It made me think about his convoluted bread instructions. I was so enraged by the sight of this guy I really wanted to walk up to him and fight him. I had to calm down and gather my thoughts. At first I thought it wasn’t him until I heard his stupid voice and knew it was him no doubt. That guy who doesn’t like washing dishes tried to get out of it by pounding dough so I went to finish up what he didn’t. I needed that I wanted to be as far away from neck tattoo guy as I could.

Anyway I had to use the bathroom and checked the score for the game and wrote this “Neck tattoo guy is here ewww! She [the manager] must be desperate getting him. His name was not on the schedule i would have been better off calling out. Remember don’t be bothered too much be like (name of pen pal) The game will be over soon. Does not have that stupid hair cut he had.”

I think I was trying to psych myself during halftime. There was a little bit of a rush during halftime. The manager came to apologize to me about it not being so busy. I think it was busier for Halloween and the World series the days I came in for it. I remember during I think game 2 or 3 we got a huge order for like 30 pizzas. I think it was because were still in lockdown here.

By 7pm local time. It was really dead. A football game is usually 3 hours. He told me to stock the little fridge up with cheese. The night manger said I was not suppose to do that. Damn! Tricked by him again! That neck tattoo guy was getting ready to leave then he ordered some pizzas for himself some strange order and it said “don’t skimp on the toppings”. I saw it and read aloud to myself “don’t skimp on the toppings?” Then he saw it and made his own pizza so I was like “Ok?…”

Then we got a prank call which was good for a slow night. I was not the person who answered it. My coworker said it sounded like a little voice and they claimed they got food poisoning from one of our pizzas. She said that she could give them the number to customer service. Then I thought was that my cousin calling? I wondered if she knew I worked at that location.

My lush coworker wrote a note that said “(my name) is putting in her 2 weeks” Wow! did you read my mind? It was fake anyway since that is not my handwriting and he spelled my first name wrong. I took the paper and drew a Jigglypuff on the back. He thought it was a Kirby. I said Jigglypuff has little ears. Then we started drawing video game characters. He drew a Mario character and a Kirby.

I only got to watch 2 commercials. The Doritos 3D one. I do miss when sexy ladies would eat those in a laundromat. And the John Cena one on instrgram later in the night. I wanna try the watermelon flavor. Not because Cena promoted it. It sounds like a good flavor. I do like watermelon flavored things. If my aunt was still alive she would say I wanted the soda because Cena was in the commercial for it like when he was in that commercial for razors. I use those razors because they are good product and used them way before Cena was in commercials for them.