The Magic Sink and a Scrub Brush — March 29, 2021

The Magic Sink and a Scrub Brush

The title sounds like a title to a children’s program or something.

I had been waiting for the latest Smackdown episode on Hulu. I pay them my $2 a month. I got that black Friday deal back in November.

Why are they both so fixated on that particular sink? We have 2 handwashing sinks and they only focus on that one. Perry cleans it by polishing the metal fixtures and then a half hour later Leonardo does the same thing. It’s strange and they always do it when the place is busy.

Still More 10 Songs From 2001 —

Still More 10 Songs From 2001

“Sometimes” by Ours

“Wrecking Ball” by Creeper Lagoon

“The Influence” by Jurassic 5

“Everywhere” by Michelle Branch

“Forgot Your Name” by Bird3

“Bleed American” by Jimmy Eat World

The song was re-titled “Salt Sweat Sugar” although I’ve never heard anybody refer to the song as that after the attack. The youtube channel Trash Theory as a good video about “Bleed American.”

“Roll On” by The Living End

“Between Angels and Insects” by Papa Roach

“Duke Lion” by Big Dumb Face

I think the music video is funny. It has stylistic suck.

“Undercover Funny” by Atom and his Package

Leonardo and the Loud Music — March 27, 2021

Leonardo and the Loud Music

There was somebody playing loud music in the parking lot and Leonardo was complaining about it. He complains al lot for a manager. Even about things not related to work.

Except there is a problem. We can’t find anything. He cleaned it with metal cleaner. Hope nobody gets a rash. I’ll have to go see Dr. Van Nostrid.

I was happy because I got to go home early. The bad thing was the most recent Smackdown was not uploaded to Hulu yet.

Still More 10 Songs From 1991 —

Still More 10 Songs From 1991

“Emotions” by Mariah Carey

“Beauty and the Beast” song by Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion

“2 Legit 2 Quit” by MC Hammer

“Grey Cell Green” by Ned’s Atomic Dust Bin

I love this song!

“Now That We Found Love” cover by Heavy D & The Boyz

“Let’s Chill” by Guy

“Pop Goes the Weasel” by 3rd Bass

“Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” by Crystal Waters

In Living Color did a funny parody video about this song.

“Move That Body” by Technotronic

“All This Time” by Sting

Ch-ch-changes (in pizza) — March 26, 2021

Ch-ch-changes (in pizza)

The title was inspired by Bowie. He was a Capricorn like me.

I realized I didn’t write my 1000 words this month. I was having some mental heath stuff going on and was not in the right state of mind of grind out 1000 words for my story. I wrote more for my blog. Than I have for my story this month.

There was still no schedule for next week. I need to know if I need to post more blogs or not.

Leonardo has made so many changes to the place. Reordering the topping in the pizza topping fridge thing. Putting most of the toppings in smaller containers which makes more dirty dishes. We are going through the vegetable toppings because of lent. They had me wash dishes briefly. I tired to set up the sink, but when I finally did Leonardo needed me to go help pack the food. I did that for an hour and then topped pizzas for like 2 hours. When I finally got to the dishes that were piling up for those 3 hours plus all the ones that were there before. There had to be over 50 pans to wash. It was bringing bad deli flashbacks. Perry had me stay the whole shift just to put a dent in the dishes that piled up.

10 Fashion Dolls From 2001 —

10 Fashion Dolls From 2001

Whats Her Face

I thought these dolls were an interesting concept, but the stamp on faces made them look cheap. I guess they were good for customs. 


I had no interest in the dolls. I was 17 when these came out. They did have some cute lines later on. 

Destiny’s Child Dolls

N Style Dolls

Hook-ups dolls

They had cute little subculture outfits. Goth, biker, hippie, punk, raver, etc. I think the name was a little naughty. When you look them up just make sure yo don’t get a bunch of pictures of those Hookups skateboards with the busty anime ladies on them.

Fashion Polly Super Stylin’ Mall

Fashion Polly Super Stylin’ Bedroom

Fashion Polly Super Stylin’ Car

Sweet 16 Mary Kate and Ashley dolls

Josie and the Pussycats Dolls

From the live action movie.

Warped TV — March 24, 2021

Warped TV

The next month after Are-Oh-Vee ended there was a replacement show. Called Warped TV.


They played videos by; The Donnas, Depeche Mode, Bjork, the Living End, The Offspring, Big Dumb Face, Everclear, Dwarves, Foo Fighters, Atom and his Package, Gorillaz, Papa Roach, Creeper Lagoon, New Found Glory, Weezer, Deftones, Sick of it all, Unwritten Law, AFI, Jurassic 5, Ours, and others. The address was to write to a place in Santa Monica. I think it was to the Launch offices. Sadly I do not have a screen cap of this.


The show was gone by June 2nd and got replaced by a chopper infomercial. They showed the same episode for a month. These were the 2 locations it was at in the area in 2001; Irvine, CA June 28 and Los Angeles, CA June 29.


I did notice that episode 498 of Are-Oh-Vee seems to have the Warped Tour banding and not the Launch one.


I contacted G. Scott Barrett through twitter after I posted my first Are-Oh-Vee blog. I asked him what Warped TV was. This was his reply; “For one year we owned the warped tour so we were going to hit the road and broadcast live performances from the tour.  Things got a bit complicated with the title sponsor and we had the scrap the plans.”

Batteries Not Included — March 23, 2021

Batteries Not Included

My mom is so done with Walmart. All the self check outs are set to only take cards. And they will have one register open that accepts cash. You have to wait at least 30 minutes to get checked out. According to what I read there is only the coin shortage, but I don’t believe it. Cash is worthless. Nobody wants it anymore. They don’t want it. They discourage you form using it there. I’m surprised they even take it. A lot of places still don’t take cash and I think never will again. Sanrio stores don’t. They have not for a year. The worse part was that they did not have the batteries I needed. Three different workers sent me all around the store looking for batteries that were not there. Seriously Fuck that place! When left I told the greeter “This place sucks!”

When I got home from there my belt broke. What a cheap ass belt. It only lasted for 3 months.

My dad and I went to the record store only with the promise of buying a pizza after. There was nothing there I wanted or thought was reasonably priced. I was not gong to pay $23 for a Music for the Masses metal lunch box. No Hello Kitty DVDs. All the Depeche Mode CDs he had were ones I already have. Plus I need secret hobby items and not some over priced Erasure CD. My dad was trying to have a conversation with the owner about tracking down some lost song he has been looking for. Since my dad is pretty internet inept it’s taking him a long time. Cause he found out it was on a reissue album. Then the guy was trying to explain to my dad about how to download a song. It was funny and sad. I’d rather be silent than make a bad and awkward conversation. I know my dad thinks I’m weird because I do this.

When I went to the pizza place and ordered. The cashier said “You look familiar didn’t you used to work here?” I said I did for like 2 weeks when my store was closed down. I saw the manager. She told me they got the old manager. Then she asked who was the manager where I work now. I said Leonardo and she made a face. It was funny. But I got a discount on the items I ordered. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was good.

A Half of a Worker and Dirty Mop Handles — March 22, 2021

A Half of a Worker and Dirty Mop Handles

The assistant manger Perry who likes doing store inventory slowly. Does it in about an hour or 2. Plus he is a slow worker at everything he does. I work faster than that guy and I don’t work that quickly.

Leonardo was doing busy work by cleaning mop handles. There were a bunch of orders coming in. Does he really need to do that now? The franchise owner got really scared about the virus and implemented a bunch of rules including leaving the building immediately after you clock out. And storing personal food in the freezer. Another one is wearing gloves which really slows us down in topping pizzas and making other items. The other problem is that were always run out of gloves and all we will have left is the cheap plastic ones. Which fit poorly and are hard to use.

Perry and Leonardo are so bad at their jobs they equal a half of worker.

I so need another job.

10 Nerf and Super Soaker Toys from 2001 —