My mom is so done with Walmart. All the self check outs are set to only take cards. And they will have one register open that accepts cash. You have to wait at least 30 minutes to get checked out. According to what I read there is only the coin shortage, but I don’t believe it. Cash is worthless. Nobody wants it anymore. They don’t want it. They discourage you form using it there. I’m surprised they even take it. A lot of places still don’t take cash and I think never will again. Sanrio stores don’t. They have not for a year. The worse part was that they did not have the batteries I needed. Three different workers sent me all around the store looking for batteries that were not there. Seriously Fuck that place! When left I told the greeter “This place sucks!”

When I got home from there my belt broke. What a cheap ass belt. It only lasted for 3 months.

My dad and I went to the record store only with the promise of buying a pizza after. There was nothing there I wanted or thought was reasonably priced. I was not gong to pay $23 for a Music for the Masses metal lunch box. No Hello Kitty DVDs. All the Depeche Mode CDs he had were ones I already have. Plus I need secret hobby items and not some over priced Erasure CD. My dad was trying to have a conversation with the owner about tracking down some lost song he has been looking for. Since my dad is pretty internet inept it’s taking him a long time. Cause he found out it was on a reissue album. Then the guy was trying to explain to my dad about how to download a song. It was funny and sad. I’d rather be silent than make a bad and awkward conversation. I know my dad thinks I’m weird because I do this.

When I went to the pizza place and ordered. The cashier said “You look familiar didn’t you used to work here?” I said I did for like 2 weeks when my store was closed down. I saw the manager. She told me they got the old manager. Then she asked who was the manager where I work now. I said Leonardo and she made a face. It was funny. But I got a discount on the items I ordered. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was good.