Whats Her Face

I thought these dolls were an interesting concept, but the stamp on faces made them look cheap. I guess they were good for customs. 


I had no interest in the dolls. I was 17 when these came out. They did have some cute lines later on. 

Destiny’s Child Dolls

N Style Dolls

Hook-ups dolls

They had cute little subculture outfits. Goth, biker, hippie, punk, raver, etc. I think the name was a little naughty. When you look them up just make sure yo don’t get a bunch of pictures of those Hookups skateboards with the busty anime ladies on them.

Fashion Polly Super Stylin’ Mall

Fashion Polly Super Stylin’ Bedroom

Fashion Polly Super Stylin’ Car

Sweet 16 Mary Kate and Ashley dolls

Josie and the Pussycats Dolls

From the live action movie.