The title was inspired by Bowie. He was a Capricorn like me.

I realized I didn’t write my 1000 words this month. I was having some mental heath stuff going on and was not in the right state of mind of grind out 1000 words for my story. I wrote more for my blog. Than I have for my story this month.

There was still no schedule for next week. I need to know if I need to post more blogs or not.

Leonardo has made so many changes to the place. Reordering the topping in the pizza topping fridge thing. Putting most of the toppings in smaller containers which makes more dirty dishes. We are going through the vegetable toppings because of lent. They had me wash dishes briefly. I tired to set up the sink, but when I finally did Leonardo needed me to go help pack the food. I did that for an hour and then topped pizzas for like 2 hours. When I finally got to the dishes that were piling up for those 3 hours plus all the ones that were there before. There had to be over 50 pans to wash. It was bringing bad deli flashbacks. Perry had me stay the whole shift just to put a dent in the dishes that piled up.