Preparing for Madness — March 20, 2021

Preparing for Madness

I watched like an hour or 2 of basketball. No commercials for where I work. Hardly any pizza ones. Mostly for burger places. Not even the local advertising. I only get CBS though. 

Got new apron that smelled funny. Like Fish. I thought it was something else but it was me.

It was not as busy as I thought it would be. I was a little bit busy but not as much as yesterday.

10 More Barbies from 2001 —

10 More Barbies from 2001

Barbie Studios Sparkle Scents Fragrance Maker

Flying Butterfly Barbie

Barbie Grand Hotel

Barbie Bank with me Savings Bank ATM Machine

Super Gymnast Barbie

Salon Surprise Barbie

Generation Girl dolls with their own rooms

NSYNC #1 Fan Barbie

The closest thing Mattel could have to an NSYNC doll because the NSYNC license went to Living Toyz.

Sugarplum Princess Barbie

My Size Sugarplum Princess Barbie

Pizza Madness — March 19, 2021

Pizza Madness

I was waiting all day for it. Watching the game in the morning. I didn’t see any commercials for the place I work for. But I didn’t watch much. Every time I saw commercials they were for alcohol or investment banking.

The old guy is so scattered brained. he didn’t prep anything. It was really busy for 2 hours. They were really confused why it was, but I knew.  They said we made a lot of money in an hour.

Her favorite coworker? What? I’m flattered. 

10 More Books from 2001 —

10 More Books from 2001

Teen Ink Friends and Family by Stephanie H. Meyer, John Meyer

A Taste Berry Teen’s Guide to Managing the Stress and Pressures of Life by Bettie B. Youngs, Jennifer Youngs

The Hijacking of Manhattan by Dan Greenburg

Invasion from the Planet of the Cows by Dan Greenburg

Superhero … or Super Thief? by Dan Greenburg

The House on Hackman’s Hill by Joan Lowery Nixon

Playing for Keeps by Joan Lowery Nixon

Alice Alone by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Bernie Magruder and the Case of the Big Stink by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The Boys Return by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I Didn’t Have to Spend the Holiday with You, So it Was Ok. — March 17, 2021

I Didn’t Have to Spend the Holiday with You, So it Was Ok.

No food pics this year sorry.

Yesterday I was at the dollar store and I saw they had those career outfits again. I got 2 of them.

20210317_192722 - Copy

The scrubs and the camo one. I remembered them from this Myfroggystuff video. But they were a little different. My dollar store never got the originals shown in the video. They appear at about 8:15 in the video.

The outfits I got didn’t fit very well the scrub shirt is nice and roomy and fits my Hawaiian Fun Barbie. And she is my bustiest doll on hand.

20210317_194730 - Copy

The matching pants are made wrong and could not go up the thigh of Charlie or Barbie. They look silly on Howleen who still needs her hair fixed. They ride up on her because of how her torso was designed.

20210317_195601 - Copy

None of my dolls could wear the shoes. Do the newer Barbies have smaller feet or something? The accessories were so so. The stethoscope was the best one. It’s nice to have a 1:6 scale one since the only one I had for a long time was 1:12 scale. The Barbie sized one could use a little paint though.

20210317_195712 - Copy

My dad asked if I had a good St. Patrick’s Day this year. The best parts were I didn’t have to work or spend it with neck tattoo guy. I found some clovers in neopets. My mom even let me eat some corned beef for breakfast, but not too much. She cooked it on Monday. I didn’t want any surprise calls from work so I was going to ignore my phone all day. Later for Dinner I made some corned beef ramen with some chopped up green bell pepper.

Have you seen that piglet costume on The Masked Singer season 5 USA? It’s so cute! It reminds me of golden age animation style pigs like Porky and the 3 Pigs from Disney.

You Both Suck! — March 15, 2021

You Both Suck!

Sing the title to yourself in the tune of Kurt Angle’s entrance music.

They are both terrible they don’t communicate with each other. The new assistant manager took the order and told me it was a big order. We got a big order and I told Leonardo, but he didn’t listen to me. Seven orders of bread sticks. He tells me we don’t need them. He sees the order freaks out then starts making ugly stout, overly flowered bread sticks. For him working there for a long time. He makes ugly looking food. Overly sauced pizzas with little to no toppings or cheese. Ugh! If I want sauce I’ll buy a jar of it or something.

The new guy under him who replaced neck tattoo guy moves slow and does busy work during a food rush. I was busy topping pizzas and the phone was ringing while he was cleaning the chrome on the sink. You can do that later! It sort of reminded me when I was a kid my parents would get ready to throw a party my mom went crazy cleaning and my dad would focus on cleaning the chrome in the bathroom(s). Nobody ever noticed it but me. Maybe his mother/my grandma did? Anyway this manager guy was cleaning the oven during the rush too. There were only 4 people there. Not many to help if he was doing that.

Leonardo is getting comfy there he put up his serv safe certificate.

10 More Books from 1991 —

10 More Books from 1991

Dear Nobody by Berlie Doherty

Anastasia at This Address by Lois Lowry

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

The Mystery Box by Joan Lowery Nixon

Watch Out for Dinosaurs by Joan Lowery Nixon

High Trail to Danger by Joan Lowery Nixon

Honeycutt Street Celebrities by Joan Lowery Nixon

The Haunted House on Honeycutt Street by Joan Lowery Nixon

Strider by Beverly Clearly

King of the Playground by Phillis Reynolds Naylor

You Were Old Enough to Have a Myspace? — March 13, 2021

You Were Old Enough to Have a Myspace?

Of course I was old when it became popular. 21? 22 years old? Never faked an age on there. Lookin’ at all the scene kids with their scene hair. Side bangs did not suit everyone including me. I know side bangs make my cheeks look fat.

You know deep debates Kirby vs Sonic and Kirby vs Rogue from the X-Men.

The dumb guy was confusing the movie Four Brothers with Two Brothers. Two Brothers is a movie about tigers.

10 More Video Games From 1991 —

10 More Video Games From 1991

There’s a gaming system in there and a lot of these games are The Simpsons video games.

Super Nintendo system

Time Traveler video game

Barbie video game

Metroid II: Return Of Samus for Game Boy

The Simpsons arcade game

Bart vs the Space Mutants

Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly

Bart vs the World

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers


Micro Machines video game

You’re The Manager? — March 12, 2021

You’re The Manager?

So I was right the old manger left. She was there for like a week or so? IDK what happened to her. The replacement for Neck Tattoo guy was on vacation. So they got this other guy. We’ll call him Leonardo. He was an older gentleman.

It was really busy and the guy freaked out! It’s been busy here for the past 2 weeks. I’m not sure why though. It takes like an hour to get a pizza. I was being blunt with customers on the phone and telling them this. I didn’t want them to be disappointed. He was not very good at the job. He was making the pizzas wrong by not putting enough cheese on them. He was making them quick, but they looked ugly. He was having trouble managing the people. He was using the wrong tools to make the pizzas.

My lush coworker told me he was a robot like Inspector Gadget. Like from the movie. I remember the cartoon. Old school! He also said if Leonardo was my sugar daddy.

Luckily they got someone else to close Sunday.

I think since my dad is bad at his job he is trying to project that on me with mine. Telling me that little mistakes will get me fired. YOU are the one messing up at YOUR job! But whatever he’s probably right and I’m being the jerk here.

I got bored with my story and I started another one and I feel guilty. I got so bored with my last story.