Remember those old commercials? No? Anyway. I’ve been trying to learn how to use Zoom since those hobbyists only offer online classes in that format. Since they can’t provide education in person their loss is my gain. I think if things can open up to normal or semi normal they should keep the virtual aspect and other things too like conventions. They could make a lot of money selling this to people who cannot physically attend. I had to sit through a 1 hour class by zoom just on how to use it. Still have no idea how. So the hobbyists are not going to get my money if I still don’t know how to use it.

I did not want to come into work today. It’s April fool’s day and MLB opening day. Pizzas for baseball and prank pizza orders? No thanks. I would have if it was one or the other for a day like only opening day or only April Fools. The real problem is to take the call and decline without my dad hearing or knowing. He gets so mad when I turn down a shift.

I had a weird Bob’s Burgers dream with Louise and Linda in it but they were real people and not cartoons. Louise was angry at some guy and hit him with a shopping cart. I should stop watching that show before I go to sleep.