I got a refund on those doll shoes I ordered that never came. I ordered those on December 21 2020. I found some on sale on another site but they are 3 times the price. I’m not sure if they are worth it? If I do buy them I will say to my parents I got a good deal on them. The cheap came out expensive in this instance. Still working on that delayed CD.

Speaking of spending money. I decided to sign up for Peacock. The WWE was offering a discounted rate to their fans who are new subscribers. I used to have a WWE Network account, but it was the free version so all I watched were old episodes of Smackdown and the free featured PPVs they would show for the month.

Maybe I do need to get out as fast as I can? When I got there Leonardo was doing the schedule. He was complaining nobody would come in yesterday. I don’t feel guilty even if they called me 2 separate times. I’m not stupid. I may seem dumb and innocent. But I know opening day of the MLB and April Fools day is a bad combination. I bet at work they think I’m the Matthew Brock (from Newsradio) of the place. It’s ok I didn’t think I invented Dilbert or have cats with silly names. Or any pets. Unless neopets count? And those usually have silly names like cybunny12345. He said Perry quit. He was smart enough to know when to leave. So now they need to find a new manager. I have been through 6 different managers the 1 year I’ve been there. That is a new person every 2 months. I didn’t like him. He was so slow and took hours to do inventory during a busy time. Him and Leonardo together were a bad combination.

Leonardo said we might get a pizza making robot. I would not be upset or feel bad that I got replaced by a robot. It might be better for me in long term. A robot might be better for Leonardo. Since he freaks out about everything. I think writing “got replaced by robot” on a resume would be fun. My only question would be where would they put them in that cramped little restaurant?

It was so slow there later in the night they were letting me cut and box the pizzas. They don’t like me to do that when it is busy or semi busy. I want to get better at it for practice.

My dad is mad they will not promote me to manager. Why? I don’t have experience.