The Last Halloween

Jingle Bell Rap cartoon

The next day my friend and I complained about the cartoon. They showed this on KDOC back when they were a low budget indie station form Orange County. They also showed The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas for a few years. I had watched Jingle Bell Rap and when I had the internet I spent years looking for that cartoon. I found out what it was a few years ago on a wiki called Christmas Specials Wiki.

Alien’s First Christmas

Made by the same people who made Jingle Bell Rap.

Harry and the Hendersons tv show

I remember they used to show this on Satrudays after Saturnday monring cartoons.

Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too

My favorite part was when Pooh drew a tree on the wall.

The Magic Trolls and the Troll Warriors

Young Robin Hood

Adventures of the Little Mermaid

I really tried to like this show, but couldn’t. I gave it a chance.

Top of the Heap

A Married with Children spinoff with a pre-Friends Matt LeBlanc. I remember watching the backdoor pilot for it and being really confused.

Chip and Pepper Cartoon

It was also a brand of pants.