My shift started at 5pm the game started at 5:30 something It was really busy like I predicted. After I thought about it at work I think I’m a mix of Lowell from Wings, Matthew from Newsradio and Christine from Night Court. I think Leonardo is trying to run this place on a tight budget. There’s no sponges, no extra toppings, and no sodas. either that or they are sucking at inventory.

Principal’s Office? Not since 2002. He was gone and I was by the oven doing something else when all these pizzas came out. I was cutting and boxing them slowly. Not to say I didn’t try for my limited ability.

I said it was Jesus from South Park’s Jesus and Pals.

I was hungry from working a 5 hour shift so I bought something there. A customer bought a soda but did not close the drink fridge properly. When I went to close it I saw they got a shipment of Major Melon Dew. That was not in the fridge yesterday. I have been looking for this for months. I added it to my order. IDK it tastes like Watermelon gum mixed with Mt Dew. Not my favorite flavor. Did not surpass Baja or classic. But I like it better than the one they sell at KFC.

I want to point out something about writing. That notes in the story I think doesn’t count towards word count. If you are writing a story and run out of steam so you finish off the story by writing “notes: characters fall into ditch. Meet talking bear. Bear is magical. Put spell on MC.”