I got a funny text from her yesterday.

The game started after 6PM local time. They had me pounding dough when I got there at 5PM. I thought “You’re gonna need a lot more dough pressed. This is the calm before the storm.”

There was nobody there again so I was taking pizzas out of the pans slowly with my arthritic thumb. When it is really bothering me I have to take a pizza out of the oven double handed. I also don’t want to burn myself those pizzas are over 400 degrees F.

They don’t like you taking out the trash after dark so when the time changes there is more daylight to do it in. I didn’t notice it was 7PM already. In the strip mall the dumpsters are by the nail salon. The nail salon has these huge windows you can look into and see the people getting pampered. They have huge tvs that face out into the parking lot. We are on the other side. On the way back I passed it and noticed they were watching Jeopardy. I knew it was already past 7PM since the show comes on in LA at 7PM and has for years.