I didn’t want to go to school that morning, but then I remembered that I was going to the museum today.

I packed a lot of things that were usually contraband at school like headphones and my CD player. I didn’t want my French teacher to see what else I had in my backpack. I wanted class to end so badly. I was upset I had to check into my 2nd period class. Which was all the way across campus. Ashley said she didn’t even check into her 2nd period class. But I didn’t sit on the bus with Ashley because she sat with Meredith and Harry. I wanted to be alone with my music and be reflective. Daryk was seat hopping on the bus and being really loud.

On the freeway I saw a truck with 2 cars on it that looked like they were from a Flintstone movie.

When we were driving down the street it looked familiar to me for some reason. Then I remembered this was the route of the Rose Parade. That part of the street you see where all the tv stations set up their cameras to film it. Across the street from the Norton Simon museum. I guess my classmates were not as avid watchers of the Rose Parade as I was.

Here is a video about the Rose Parade and Norton Simon Museum.

We got to the museum too early and had to wait for it to open. 

I got put in the same group as Meredith, her punk poser friend Harry and Daryk, but at least I was in the same group as the art teacher. Of course they had to be annoying. Meredith and Harry took pleasure in annoying me and saying I was a bitch. First we looked at French Impressionism. Then Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Picasso, and that picture the art teacher had on the bathroom pass. I was really bored and zoning out. Then we looked at the Indian art. I was really paying attention to that part and showing off my knowledge. The last thing we looked at was renaissance paintings. 

I ate lunch with Meredith because I felt alone. I had my jerky and soda. She didn’t eat with Harry. I got a lunch. It was lent so it was a peanut butter sandwich. There was also some string cheese, limp celery, and carrot sticks. We were trading food in the lunches. There was a koi pond. The boys were feeding the fish string cheese. I fed the koi some of the bread crust from the sandwich. Meredith asked to borrow my CD player and put one of her CDs in it. I don’t know I think she was listening to punk music or something. She was really rocking out to it. We were all walking in a horizontal line on the path, and we could hear something motorized coming so we split up. Meredith could not hear it because of the loud music. We were yelling at her to move. The golf cart stopped right in front of her face. When it did she screamed. When I look back on it I gotta give the driver of the golf cart credit for stopping on a dime and not running into her.

After school my cousin called me up and asked if I wanted to see the 3rd Pokemon movie after school. I agreed. On the ride to the mall which has a movie theater inside it I told them all about my field trip to the museum and the golf cart.

The kids were pretty rowdy in the theater that day. More than the time I saw the first movie. They kept jumping up and down. At the end of the movie the kids applauded. That was the last Pokemon movie I saw in a theater.

I was saying that I had seen all the dub episodes aired in the US up to that date. Back then I didn’t know about The Legend of Dratini and why it was banned.