Yesterday It was the first time on Pluto TV I’ve seen a repeated episode of The Price is Right Barker Era. Not counting themed blocks. It only took me 5 months. I can’t sit there and watch them endlessly. I can maybe sit through 2 episodes in a row. It’s not that they are boring or I don’t like them, but my internet is bad so sometimes it cuts off a lot making them hard to watch. They will be bidding on an item then it will stop and a contestant is on stage.

I also got a call to come into work in the afternoon. I turned it down again. I wanna see a signing pig on The Masked Singer. The reason I really don’t wanna come in is because my boss sucks and I really don’t wanna be there anymore. I’m sick of Leonardo’s complaining and the place being barren inside. How has he worked here for so long and suck so badly? I still need to think of another plan to leave that place. Of course my dad was mad I turned it down. Him and Leonardo are old school. Look I’m not going to drop everything and be available 24/7 for you. Plus my dad needs sleep from his night job. He is not sleeping and bothering everyone including the neighbors. Since I have turned down 2 shifts within the past week I’ll have to take the next one. Most of the time except Wrestlemania Sunday. I will not take a shift unless I could calculate it would end before it started. Maybe. I also thought my blogs were not in order. I needed to pre-write more of them. I guess I’m just not hungry for work anymore.

This video came out yesterday. There was really nothing in there I didn’t already know.

I wanna start working on my 2002 blogs in early July. Just organize them and get pics I already have gathered.

There is not many good choices on Peacock. Besides the WWE Network stuff there is slim pickins on that service. I am interested in watching My Life Me. Just because I heard it was so bad. The girl has a cat named “Neko”. That is “cat” in Japanese. I think once the promotion rate ends I’ll get ride of it. I really thought they were going to have the Punky Brewster cartoon on the site.